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Hello peeps. I had TSH, FREE T4 and FREE T3 test yesterday and have two results but have to wait longer for FREE T3.

TSH - 7 (monthis ago it was 0.12)

Free T4 - 14 (monthish ago it was in the 20s

Still waiting for FREE T3 and doctor said he wants to wait for that because I told him that's the most important test.

Could my sporadic time of takin thyroxine affect that? I usually always take it in morning (will sometimes forget) but not always the same time. A few ocassions I've taking it very ealry afternoon.

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Hi Hypo, I hope you didn't take your levo the morning of the test as it definitely will make your FT4 look much higher. Your TSH moves throughout the day but won't change much from day to day unless you radically change your dose of levo. There are different opinions regarding when to take your dose but since it has to go through certain transport systems, the timing doesn't seem to affect the final process of becoming free T3. If you'd like to see how the process works, this man can explain it well.


I trust you did NOT TAKE it in the 24 hours before the blood was drawn for this test ?




Hi Hypo -You haven't posted the ranges (figures in brackets) which can vary from lab to lab but in my area you would be under medicated. Looks like GP needs to put your dose up. Could be due to your thyroid failing further hence the greater need for a higher dose.


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