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Rt3 test+full thyroid panel- should i stop taking my NDT on test day? Morning or avo test?

Hi guys,

Im getting my rt3 checked and full thyroid panel (tsh, ft4, ft3 and antibodies). I need to book this in myself should i go for a morning or afternoon appt?

Also im on 30mg (half grain) of Armour Thyroid, should i take it on the day or not?

I dont want it to influence the results!


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Thyroid function testing should always be done under the following circumstances :

1) First thing in the morning as early as possible, and definitely before 9am.

2) Don't eat anything before the blood draw on the morning of the test, and don't drink anything except water. Avoid dehydration - it makes it harder to take blood and may affect some results.

3) Don't take any thyroid meds or glandulars for 24 hours before the blood draw. Instead, wait until after the blood has been taken.


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