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Hi all! So glad to have found you all! My husband and I live in United States, but my husband was just offered a job in Telford, England. My first thought was, where am I going to get WP Thyroid? I am so concerned about this!! I just started on WP, and have felt "normal" for the first time in over 10 years!! I'm also worried about finding a doctor who will prescribe it. Please help me! So excited to move to England, so scared of being sick, tired and unable to enjoy it. :(

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  • Hello rward17042,

    Welcome to our forum which supports people who have diagnosed or undiagnosed thyroid disease and their friends, family, carers etc. The group is moderated by members of the Thyroid UK Admin Team and offers great advice.

    I don't know a doctor as don't live near Telford but another member might.

    The usual meds given for hypothyroidism in UK is Thyroxine and of those who don't do well... many self medicate.

    There are a few who are "lucky" and get alternatives on the national health but it is extremely difficult as doctors are fearful of getting into trouble with the GMC.

    I was recently "lucky" but just two months on, have had my meds withdrawn indicating what a complete lottery it is.

    If they are not reinstated....I will be forced to self medicate too.

    Many GP's are happy with this as they know the predicament and are happy to support and arrange bloods, etc.

    Members will advise on blood tests result (as GP's haven't a clue re NDT ) and dose changes. Members may also be able to advise where to buy your WP Thyroid but I suggest you stock up well to tied you over while you move and get yourself settled.

    I hope your move goes well.

    The link for the ThyroidUK website is

    ...and if you join, there are discounts available to three supplement suppliers.


  • Hi.. is WP a brand? if the ingredient is Levothyroxine, then we have that on prescription from most doctors if your ingredient is liothyronine then you're going to have more trouble but loads of us buy our own so can help with suppliers

    if your ingredient is Natural desiccated thyroxine then I have a private doctor in Birmingham who prescribes it to me and we also have sources to buy it

    don't worry.. we're here... We'll help.

  • It is a desiccated thyroid product:

  • oh lucky you Redditch. I think I would be better on the NDT than Levo. Could you possibly pm me the name of this private doctor as I live in the Birmingham area? Would be so grateful if you could.

  • Hello - please are you able to share the details for your private doctor in B'ham? I'm in Glos and happy to travel up the M5 if it means I can get to see a Dr who understands about and prescribes natural thyroid! My email address is

    With gratitude

  • hi beth look up a site called birmingham thyroid clinic you will find a few good endos and their profiles on there.

  • Would be very greatful if you could you pm the B'ham private doctors details to me please. Many thanks :)

  • Hi. You can buy ndt online from the US and get it shipped to the UK without a prescription. I understand the same pharmacies can't ship to US addresses without prescription, so in a way you may find it easier if you are happy to self medicate. You sometimes end up having to pay customs charges but I understand this is quite random. I recently used <online pharmacy> it took a week or so to turn up and I ended up paying an extra 20 pounds in custom charges but it was well worth it. Welcome to the UK in advance!


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  • Recently a poster suggested a small parcel of one bottle was more likely to avoid custom charges.

  • Not my experience. I got whacked for £16 for my single bottle.

  • Must be unlucky.

  • Hi. I'm having real problems finding a legitimate online pharmacy, different prices for Armour which I find quite expensive on the whole. Could you pm me with name of the pharmacy. I can't get a prescription from my doctor so will have to buy from pharmacy without one. Many thanks. Tootle

  • Welcome to you!!! and it is hard to find in UK but I am sure you will fine a contact privately... We did have Dr Skinner who sadly passed he would have percribed it to you. I live not far from Telford.... Good Luck to you Margaret G

  • On the thyroid UK/Europe site they have lists of doctors and endos that prescribe. However you just ask on the thread and people will respond and tell you their experiences. I self med and buy my WP from USA. Good luck with your move.

  • Thankyou all so much for your information! Can someone please tell me where to order from the U.S? I didn't know you could get WP (Westhroid) without a prescription. This has brought me hope!

  • I tried to send you a PM but have never done one before, so let me know if it didn't work.

  • Got it! Thankyou!

  • NatureThroid is made by the same people who make WP. NatureThroid is available on prescription from John Bell and Croydon. Best to ask the price of different strengths/dosages as taking the smaller dose multiple times will sometimes work out significantly cheaper.

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