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Wp Throid has arrived!

Hello All

I ordered WP Throid last Wednesday and it arrived this afternoon.

There was no tax or handling to pay.

I was beginning a three wwek trail without meds (last week) , I am now going to be interrupting this with WP.

My symptoms improved within a week without any medication, which informs me that it may be something in the levo that was causing my severe symptoms.

So hoping this medication is going to suit me.

Fingers crossed!!

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Really hope it works for you. It does for me (though I take Nature Throid).

Have you a plan for how much to take and when to increase?


Thanks for the PM but I've been buying from the same pharmacy as you for several years now. :)

You were fortunate not to pay tax - usually you will have to if the contents of your package are worth £15 or more. Occasionally the packages don't get stopped but it's rare.

If you're planning on taking half a grain be aware that's a low dose. Usual advice is to raise to a grain after 2 weeks. If after another 2 weeks it feels like you'd benefit from an increase, go to 1.5 grains etc. I wouldn't advise going past 2 grains without sticking with that dose for at least 6 weeks and then having a blood test to check levels.


I must have been lucky this time with postage.

Thanks for advice regarding dosage.


Hello Modfather

Great news. Would you kindly private message me with the details of where you purchased the WP Thyroid?

Many thanks


Could you please PM me with your source? Thanks!


Hi, could you also pm me with your source too, thank you


Do not expect a miracle, and feel better within an hour! Just one day soon you will get out of bed and think "what shall I do today" rather than "what shall I not do today". For me, it was like someone taking off a heavy old overcoat and releasing me into the sun - I hope it works for you too.


Thank you for sharing your experience. X


Iam on WP thyroid - 2 grains with adrenal support. I don;t feel optimal.

It is strange to feel well with out thyroid medication for a week.

Could you please PM WP thyroid source?.


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