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I started wp thyroid on dec 10 2015 32grain. My doctor increased it to 48 grains 6 feb. I have steadily gained weight especially since the increase. I now have not taken wp for 2 days. I am told to decrease back to 32.5 grain which I will do tomorrow. I gained 7 lbs between now and dec. The increase exhausted me. like really really exhausted me and I craved so much food. my labs are of course normal. After first starting wp in dec I felt great for a week or two. Has anyone had this reaction? weight gain extreme fatigue?

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  • Can I just ask a question, please. When you say your doctor started you on 32 grains, do you really mean 1/2 grain (about 32mg hormone). Usually NDT is measured in grains, i.e. 1, 2, and 3. 1 grain is equal to about 60/65 mg of levo.

    This is an excerpt from STTM:

    One grain is 65 mg (actually 64.8)

  • Yes I meant 32.5 mg and increased to 48.75 mg

  • First of all, when you start on NDT, you begin on a small dose if you've not been on thyroid hormones previously (NDT) (were you on levo previously and what was your dose).

    You can start at 1/2 grain (or the equivalent to levo) which you did and then in two weeks add 1/4 or 1/2 grain and every 2 weeks until you feel well with symptoms relieved. You should take temp/pulse before beginning as we usually have both of them low due to hypo and making a record can be helpful in dosing.

    If the dose is kept low too long it can have an adverse effect in that you might have more symptoms than before.

  • They say your labs are normal, but if you get them and put them on here, we'll have a look.

    You still sound hypo. You're on half a grain of NDT... were you on levo (just t4), and what was your dose?

  • Thank yall for responding. Yes I was on synthroid for 4 years than it stopped working. Than armour for 60 days which I had a bad reaction. I cannot remember the dosages but I do know all starter doses very minimal. Tsh .95 ref range .40 to 4.50 , t4 free 1.2 ref range .8-1.8 , t3 free 2.7 ref range 2.3-4.2, t3 reverse 24 ref range 8-25, I am aware the t3 reverse is a little high. Again has anyone experienced painful exhaustion and binge type eating because increased appetite on wp thyroid? Strangely my face bloat is gone but I have gained weight. I am thinking maybe I am over medicated since my labs are so normal?

  • The best way to judge if you are on a good dose is not by your blood tests but by how you 'feel'. If well with no symptoms you are on the correct dose. Blood tests are only a guide.

  • Yes I feel like hell. exhausted. I slightly increased my dose (my dr is aware). Lets see how I feel in 2 weeks.

  • Yes, I've gained 30 pounds since taking WP Thyroid 65 mg.

  • I did NOT want to read that! I have been on it about two weeks and have gained a couple already! Any idea what might be causing it? WOW! I am prepared to go back to NP by Acella, but was hoping not to after reading some more encouraging reviews.

  • Questions galore! When did you start on WP and how long before you noticed the weight increase? What dose are you on? I am one day away from going back on NP Thyroid by Acella. At 65,the weight comes off more slowly! I am afraid to put this off another week. I am taking 2 grains since 7/17.

  • Hi what's wp thyroid? That's not NP is it thanks

  • It is described here by its maker:


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