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Latest bloods

Hi. I just got my latest bloods back from my dr. They are as follows:

Tsh 0.73

T3 3.3

T4 14.7

I started on vitamin D supplements a few months and and my levels have risen to 113. My TSH has only marginally changed since the vitamin D, the T4 is exactly the same but my T3 has dropped somewhat. I was hoping the vitamin D deficiency would account for my symptoms but still feel unwell. Thanks for you advice 😀

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Vic, do you have the thyroid ranges (figures in brackets after the results)?

VitD 113 is in the replete 75-200 range. Most people are comfortable with vitD around 100.

VitD levels don't influence TSH but good levels can aid T4 to T3 conversion.


Hi clutter. The ranges are

Tsh 0.73 (0.30-4.20)

Free t4 14.7 (9.0-19.0)

Free t3 3.4 (2.6-5.7)



Hi clutter. For some reason I'm unable to see your reply or messages. Very odd. Please could you try posting again as your advice is invaluable. Many thanks 😀


Vic there are site issues. The PM I sent you is no longer visible, I expect everything will turn up tomorrow.

Your FT4 and FT3 are low-normal so there is room for a dose increase even though it will make your TSH lower. Read Dr. Toft's comments in Treatment Options thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_... Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a copy of the Pulse article if you want to show it to your GP if you ask for a dose increase.


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