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Which supplements

Can someone advise which ones to take . I take vitd5000 vit k methlcoblan sorry about spelling to tired to move an check lol. Tumeric vit a Iron . I can't stick this pain my doc put me on amtitrpiline 10 mg but it just makes the tiredness worse so from tonight I'm not taking anymore of it plus the pain didn't improve . My arms hands ankles pelvis lower back hips even my very scalp was so painful at the weekend . Got my bloods today as usual says normal tsh 1.44 t4 22.9 . I can't believe how much I have went down hill from march when my tsh was 16 I just havnt improved I practically throw myself on the bed sometimes with shoes still on :) just wondering am I missing any vits . Grey goose give me some great advice I've noticed she hasn't been on lately hope she's doing ok mabe on hols :) ... The range for my bloods . Tsh. 0.27-4.2. T4 12-22 Thanks

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Donna, Ask your GP for a Levothyroxine dose increase. Some people need lower TSH and slightly higher FT4 to feel well. Read Dr. Toft's comments in Treatment Options

It might be an idea to order a private FT3 test if your GP won't do it to see how well you are converting T4 to T3. Have a look at Blue Horizon and Genova's thyroid tests

It takes 6-8 weeks for supplements to improve symptoms caused by low vitD and low B12. A lot longer for iron/ferritin to improve.


Ok thanks c :)


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