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Any advice on which multi-vitamin/mineral supplement to take?

I am Hypothyroid (Hashimotos) and my blood test levels are now fine on 150 Levothyroxine. My symptoms seemed to clear up when I first went up to this dose (prescribed by a consultant), but now I feel down, less energetic,and I seem to be gaining weight again. I am stepping up exercise, watching diet (wheat freet, lower carb, lower sugar, virtually no caffeine or alcohol) but wondered about supplements as well.

I have found references to Higher Nature - Thyroid support, and Bio-Care Multivitamin. Don't fancy trying to take lots of individual vitamins.. but looking for a combined supplement geared towards my situation. Anyone got any tips?

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It might well be these symptoms indicate you need some fine tuning of the dose upwards, but do not act on this, I am no doctor, it is just a thought.

It would be much better if instead of saying blood test levels are fine, which is perhaps what you have been told, you could quote on here the blood test results with the reference ranges, enabling advice.


Hi Yes as above, but also try and get a Free T3 test to. It used to be part of the standard diagnosis, now hard to get because of cost You may need some T3 on a script..Make sure you have also had a Vit D test, followed by calcium if low before treatment. Also ferritin and ideally diabetes and B12 and Folic acid.At the moment the best guide is how you feel? As regards multi vit and minerals , the minerals are the most important. When I was first properly diagnosed my endo said to have the best possible, gold standard ( usually called ) muti vitamin and mineral tablets. I have some by post from the C.I. You need to compare them for properties and price.



Thanks to both of you for answering. So far treatment has been fine (if slow) When diagnosed 14 months ago, my TSH level was 95, T4 was less than 5. After 6 month, and finally on 125 Levothyroxine, I was deemed normal, but still not feeling right. My GP is great and referred to Consultant. Unfortunately, admin error meant another five months before I had the appointment. They tested for anaemia, blood sugar, diabetes, adrenal function, and checked T3. Within three days, the doctor rang and said all fine. T3 was normal (don't have figure), t4 was 14. adrenal function fine. She told me to go up 150 thyroxine. Which I did. I felt better within a fortnight and felt my troubles were over. At a return visit in early January they were happy that all my blood results (taken in mid Dec) were normal and TSH was 0.06 so I could stay on that dose. Because I felt well I was just relieved and happy to be discharged.

One month on, I physically I'm reasonable, still a bit too cold, sometimes puffy ankles. But My mood is badly affected, I feel desperately low and hopeless a lot of the time. It's not like me. I've always had ups and downs, but this feels different. I am stepping up the exercise and starting to return to stricter eating regime which helped shift weight in the autumn. I am an active person (cycling, climbing, camping etc) with two young boys, a job and things I want to be getting on with, but I'm just feeling rubbish and now worried the docs have done all they can. Minerals and Vits are the one thing I haven't really thrown at it yet. (Done diet, meds and exercise).

So, that's the detail, I'd be very grateful for your thoughts - Jackie, you mention getting minerals from the CI - what is that?

Many thanks for reading.



It would still help greatly if you could please quote all exact results plus the all important reference ranges from your most recent blood test. Please be aware that you have a right to be given a print-out of your results if you ask for this.


Thanks, I don't have them, so I'll have to ask.


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