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Update advice needed please

Update advice needed please.

I saw the doctor again this morning she was lovely but said all my blood vitamin levels where within range and ok.I pointed out that according to my results and advice(from here) they where low or not optional.I got no where.but on the +side I'm now waiting to see a cardiologist and or have an echocardiogram. Also a 24 hour blood pressure monitor blood pressure is often too high and I'm not happy to try more bp.medication. and there taking more bloods to test magnesium and TP O and TPOAB next week.

I'm looking to self medicate on B12 my legal is 464ng/L range 150-1000.00ng/L

And my vitamin D mine's 68nmol/L range >50.00nmo/L

Can anyone please advise me weather I should start to supplement these now or after further blood tests or other monitoring. Thanks

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"In range"means zilch

What are your results for

Thyroid antibodies


Free t4

Free t3



They are whats vital


Hi really fedup123 antibodies to be tested next week but doctor can only find TPOAB in her research on her computer,she doesn't think TP O exists.

Magnesium to be tested next Week also other tests where

TSH 3.8 030-450mIU/L

Free t4 14.8 11-22.00Pmol/L

Free T3. 5.2 pmol/L 3.10-6.80pmol/L

Ferritin 47ug/L. 12.00-250.00ug/L

Folate 18.3ug/L. 2.00-18.80ug/Li appreciate you're help


Tsh is high and free t4 is low

For now free t3 is fine but clearly your thyroid is failing and being kicked by TSH

Your ferrtin is too low it needs to be halfway in its range

as must



Vit d3

On no account take supplements before the tests are done

Your hypothyroid but your doctor lacks any understanding of thyroid

You need treating before things get worse


Thank you reallyfedup123 i'll hold off on supplements until after tests. There only doing TPOAB now they say TPO doesn't exist


Are you sure they are going to retest B12, and D? I would check and if not, start supplementing with methylcobalamin B12 and vitamin D3 with K2.


No Eloise not re doing these just doing magnesium and the TPOAB now as the others where only done a couple of weeks ago.doing the magnesium because my ECG and 24hour tape shows slightly flattened T waves.

They say it's rare but not dangerous because it shows upper chamber of heart is throwing in several extra beets not just the usual 2 or 3 .so after I get these blood taken I'm going to take all the above vitamins and vitamin c to help with shortness of breath aching energy levels etc.


I had read that there was a lag in the R wave and an enlarged left ventricle with hypo. My ECG did show the lag after I had been on some form of thyroid hormone for over ten years. It just shows how important it is to keep those levels right. But magnesium is very crucial as well as ubiquinol for the heart. The magnesium test is usually just a serum test and not that indicative so I wouldn't hesitate in taking a glycinate or taurate form. Your adrenals use large amounts when under stress.


Thanks heloise


TPO ab is TPO the ab is short for antibodies

They should really do TR ab too though


Thanks I haven't heard of that one Will ask next time


Pet-Lamb, don't ask for TRab, it's for Graves antibodies for hyperthyroid patients. It would be useful if thyroglobulin antibodies were tested as well as TPOab as some patients are positive for one but not the other, but thyroglobulin antibodies are rarely tested in primary care.


Thanks clutter I have graves ill Stear doctors towards thyroglobulin


Pet-Lamb, hope you don't have Hashi's too, some people are unlucky enough to have both.


Me too clutter but I'll let you know when I find out am I right in thinking that thyroid antibodies take a couple of weeks to get the blood test results through.also my Mam has/ had graves but is now under active and takes lovo


Pet-Lamb, antibodies do take 2-3 weeks for results. Graves hyperthyroidism sometimes burns out the thyroid and causes hypothyroidism if RAI or surgery doesn't do it first.


Thanks clutter that's what I thought I only had medication when treated as I refused both the others.


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Thank you I've seen him before but not this clip interesting


RFU, why TRab? That's for Graves, not Hashimoto's.


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