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Back again - optimum levels and weight completely stuck :(

Hi all,

Just at my wits end and would be very appreciative of any advice. Currently on 125mcg T4, 25mcg T3. T4 is prescribed, T3 self medicated.)

Last lot of results in March 2015 were borderline hyer:

TSH : 0.05 (range 0.27 - 4.5)

T4: 21.8 (range 10-24)

GP won`t do T3 recently.

Feel pretty good at the minute, bowel movement good, skins well, not too cold or tired, etc etc. But weight hasn`t budged since 19th June, almost 6 weeks. This happens periodically, I usually mess around with meds a bit and after a few weeks it starts moving. I have messed around but to no avail this time. Only other symptom I have at present is difficulty swallowing/ a feeling as if something is stuck in my throat.

I have ordered some NDT in the hope that this might be the answer, do you think It could be?

Can lose weight when im "right", slower than most but it does come down. I am following Weightwatchers. I have looked up Paleo but really want to stick with "normal" eating where I can incorporate food and drinks in, within my allowance. I had ferritin, iron, vit b12 levels etc checked a while back (when i was having another instance like this) and all were fine.

Any ideas what could be causing this stall? Is it even thyroid related??

Thanks so much

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You say your levels are fine - do you have the results with ranges of the B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD ??

Swallowing can be linked to LOW B12 as the nerves can become affected - in particular the vagus nerve. It can also be the cause of a chronic cough - so lots going on with B12 :-)

Six weeks is hardly a long time when looking for results of a treatment change - best to wait a little bit longer. Also playing with the dose could be confusing your body.....

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Ticklek, Were you taking 25mcg T3 when you were tested in March?


Thanks Marz, will look into b12, gp wont test anything but tsh and t4 at present so might have to go private for those.

Thanks Clutter, no I wasn't taking it in March, would that make a difference do you think?


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