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ACTH stim test


I’m on 60 mcg T3 only, I take it in 3 doses (4am, 10.30am, 6.30pm) I’ve been feeling very tired especially in the morning but usually not right after I wake up. After being up for an hour or so, suddenly I feel tired, hard to think and move. I start feeling better at about 7pm.

I did a saliva test back in Sep 2013, results are:

AM- 17.8 (2.4-33.7)

Noon – 3.2 (1.2-17.8)

PM – 4.1 (0.5-12.1)

Midnight – 1.2 (0.3-11.0)

DHEA (Noon-PM average) 3.0 (0.8-7.5)

Since then I feel a lot worse so went to endo who ordered ACTH stim test. I was stressing before the test as was told that I could get palpitations etc. But during the test felt nothing and after I was even more tired than usual which got worse during the day. For two nights I slept worse than normally. If you had a stim test and felt similarly, I would be grateful if you let me know what results you had.

Many thanks!

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Starlight, Try taking your first dose an hour later and see whether that helps. I can't help with cortisol/ACTH.


Thanks Clutter, I'll try that.


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