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Armour Thyroid

Hi.. Has anyone tried.. Or managed to get their doctor to prescribe Armour thyroid. I was diagnosed about 12 years ago with hypothyroidism and prescribes thyroxine..which made little difference to my 2pm -9pm fatigue n brain fog., unable to sleep at night, constipation, hair loss.. Etc After asking for different medication for thyroid I finally came across a sympathetic doctor willing to try me on Armour... I feel this medication works so well for me. And have been taking it for two years now. My doctor has just moved practice.. Out of my area...

(My practice refuse to tell me where). My practice is now refusing to prescribe Armour thyroid to me.

Has anyone had a similar experience... Is there anything I can do. I have pleaded with them... I'm worried I'll lose my job as I'm so wiped out on thyroxine but then can't sleep on it either.., or wake up early and can't get back to sleep.

Really hope someone can give me some advice on this as I'm desperate .

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Welcome to the forum, Mandica.

There are a few members prescribed Armour or other NDT on the NHS. NDT isn't licensed for UK use which is why it is prescribed on a 'named patient basis' and doctors can't be obliged to prescribe it if they are unwilling to accept personal liability for doing so.

There is a list of practices prescribing NDT in 2012/13 in the link below but, as you have found, they may not be continuing to prescribe.

You could ask around local pharmacies to see whether practices in your area prescribe Armour or NDT. It may be worth writing to your practice manager or GP partner to explain your health is deteriorating on Levothyroxine and asking for Armour to be reinstated. You might follow up by appealing to the CCG too.

If NHS won't prescribe your alternatives are to get a private prescription or buy online without prescription.


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