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I went to see Dr P and he advised me to try an online pharmacy to buy thyroid without a prescription. Now that the NHS wont prescribe anything but levo I dont think I can afford to buy Armour!

Has anyone any experience of using an online pharmacy or anywhere better (in the UK??) and having been on Armour which other would they suggest?

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  • Does it have to be Armour as I think it's possibly one of the more expensive NDTs?

  • Thanks cinnamon_girl I think I am going to have to make the change.

  • I get Armour on the NHS. So it is clearly possible. It's an unlicensed drug in the Uk so probably up to the individual docs to choose if they will do it or not.

  • I have asked every practice around here and none will prescribe Armour unfortunately.

  • Don't buy armour, many who take it seem to be complaining about it because it's not working right. It's also far more expensive than the other brands.

  • Thanks Poshpenny, I looked at the price of Armour yesterday and decided it was way too expensive. I'm thinking of the hypo allergenic Nature Throid.

  • I have been getting Armour from USA and no problems. Due to huge price increase I have now ordered Nature Throid. Not sure if I can just do a straight switch from 1 to the other or gradually introduce by mixing them together. Has anyone done this?

  • I would be interested in the answer to this question as well.

  • I am interested too. Armour has become way too expensive for me. I began taking it 5 years ago when it was 35p a tablet it is now over £1 per tablet and I take 2 a day.

    I asked my doctor to prescribe Nature Throid, which he has given me.

    I have 50 days worth of Armour left, do i do a straight swap? Has anyone else experienced moving from one medication to another?

  • I did a straight switch from Armour to NatureThroid, no problems at all for me. About to switch again to the cheaper one from Thailand!

  • Hi dina7 - what is the cheaper NDT from Thailand?

  • Thyroid-s

  • thanks dina7

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