Armour V's Na turethyroid??

Hi can I ask if anyone has changed to naturethyroid from Armour please?

The cost of Armour has increased and my doctor will prescribe Nature thyroid as an alternative , to save me money, but I do NOT want to go backwards with my health as I find armour great ( except for the price!) Just wondering if anyone has made the swap?? ☺☺

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  • I am sorry I cannot answer your question (as I have not made the switch myself), but you are the second person today to say the same thing: that is, that you are doing great on Armour, but that it's becoming too expensive.

    I wonder if Armour has somehow been reformulated again...???

  • thecat346, price hikes occur without reformulation.

  • I know, I was referring to the fact that no less than two members have said today that they find Armour great...something I have not seen since it was reformulated. That is why I wondered if the new manufacturer (Actavis) has somehow reformulated it, or if these two members just happen to feel fine on it anyway...

  • Crinfly, many people have switched to NatureThroid succesfully. The only way to tell for sure whether it suits you is to try it.

  • Hi clutter, yes that's what I am going to do, collected my armour today at the chemist and there was a 40 euro price hike!!

    I spoke to pharmacist so he is going to order the nature thyroid for me and I will change over next month. Just dissapointed and nervous really as I was flying on the armour after 10 years of levo, so fingers crossed, I know there's no one answer for everyone and it's all trial and error, but I will keep ye posted xx

  • Crinfly, can I ask where you are (I am asking as you are referring to the raise in price in € rather than pounds)?

  • I am in Ireland

  • OK, I see...I keep forgetting Ireland is in the € zone...:-)

  • Crlnfly, I am already on Naturethroid, tried Armour years ago and didn't get on with it. I buy my supplies from abroad, was wondering if you get a prescription from your NHS doctor or private. i wasn't aware that you get a pharmacist to order for you?

  • I have changed to Naturethroid from Armour last year, felt better instantly. I was told the fillers in NatureThroid are more natural. I would certainly recommend them.

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