Armour thyroid

Armour thyroid

Hi there I have hashimotos, my docs put me on levothyroxine which I didnt get on with so I asked for armour but my docs after months of asking wont prescribe it. I found so forest armour on <an internet source> whicg ive been taking. Ive rang

My endo to tell them the docs wont prescribe it but I know a chemist I can buy them, the trouble is they wont give me a prescription. Was wondering if there is anywhere in uk I can buy forest armour thyroid in uk, very frustrating as im running out of tablets. Just think its wrong that because of cost they wont give you something you need to stay well, makes me feel disheartened with the medical profession! I

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  • hi,

    It's illegal to buy prescription meds in the uk, without a prescription, so you have no hope of buying it here. However, its not illegal to import medication for your own use, so you can buy without prescription from abroad.

    How come you chose armour? Its the most expensive brand available. There are plenty of other Ndt's around, some are much much cheaper. Some of the brand names are Westthroid, naturethyroi, Thiroyd, thyroid S, NP by Acella, Erfa..... All contain the same amounts of thyroid hormone ( more or less) but they have different fillers.

    G x

  • I had just read good things about it so thought id give it a try and its made a big difference to the way I feel so if it aint broke dont fix it is my approach coz I dont like feeling like a quinypig try stuff that may not effect me the same way. The levothyroxine made me feel aweful and I dont want that again

  • even on private prescription Armour is an arm and a leg

    try thyroid-s instead

  • At the moment im taking quarter of a pill so it lasts longer so 57 quid and thise 100 tabs last a long time for me. I do find if I take more I get anxiety which I hate so im trying smaller amounts

  • Hi Paul,

    WP Thyroid is good, I imported some from the US.

    100 2 grain tablets was £66, including import duty. I take one grain, so half a tablet each day is just about affordable.


  • Hi Leverette.

    Could you please PM me the details of where you imported the WP thyroid from? Thanks

  • Hi Paul6969 I have just started on thyrogold I had the website from here , I also live in the UK and can't my Endo or GP to give me NDT they where about £38 for 90 capsules of 150mg and I have to say they are amazing iv only been taking them for 1week and already I feel much better if you can't find the website let me know and I'll send it to you I haven't got it to hand right now, really hope this helps take care Claire x

  • Hi claire I think natural thyroid is much better than the ones docs try and give you so id rather have any natural stuff than thats thanks for info paul :-)

  • Hope it works for you please let me know , I'm doing good on it but it's early days yet!!!!' Plenty of people on here to help iv found them to be amazing x

  • I buy Nature Throid from a US pharmacy web site. Cheaper than Armour.

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