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A UK Doctor to prescribe Armour Thyroid?

My private doctor on Harley Street has stopped writing a prescritpion for armour thyroid (forest pharmaceuticals) due to the Uk legisltation, which she tells me makes it very difficult. I dont want to go back on synthetic levothyroxine as it doesn't suit me. Can anyone tell me a UK doctor who will still prescribe armour thryoid - I am happy to pay and travel in the UK? Or is this impossible now?

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I am not aware of any change in legislation which would impact the right of a doctor to prescribe Armour.

There most certainly is a problem in terms of other medics reporting doctors who do prescribe it to the GMC. So doctors are frightened that they could be struck off, having a hearing is bad enough even if they were not censured.



Maybe you should change your private doctor and see someone on the doctors' list. If you email and ask for a copy.


Thankyou for this - that's great,

I will need to change my doctor this year and will have a look at the list - at the moment Dr S looks good in Birmingham

Many thanks for all your help and support



Hi Jassy

Don't forget that Dr S needs a GP referral.




Ahh I hadn't appreciated this - thanks Louise - is there any private thyroid doctor I wonder who doesn't need a referral who will prescribe armour ?

I will look at the list again

Many Thanks for pointing this out to me .....


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