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Well, I followed my action plan and went to see my GP yesterday for the result of the scan on my neck. The GP said it had come back normal, so the previous GP who suspected a Goitre was wrong, I had asked previously for a trial of Levo but this doc said to wait until after the scan. I asked if I could now have the trial, and she very reluctantly proposed a 4 week trial giving a bit of a lecture on how it is not usually given out to 'borderline' patients like me, and how I needed to be aware it could potentially make me more ill by sending me in to hyperthyroidism. I brought out my Thyroid UK check list of all my symptoms, with the ones which bother me the most highlighted in yellow highlighter pen such as puffy pale face, loss of libido, loss of body hair, ankle pain, brain fog and weight gain, and also the book by Dr Toft - both strategies suggested by the helpful 'Throidies on this site. It was like pulling teeth but eventually I wore her down and she finally agreed to a 6 week trial with a blood test at the end to see what affect it has on my results. Anyway, when I went to collect the script which was sent electronically to my local Chemist, I had a surprise - she had sent 2 scripts - both for 6 weeks worth of Levo. As they are only 25mg doses, I am trying taking 2 daily to make the regular start dose of 50mgs. Even the leaflet in the box says the usual start dose is between 50mg and 100mg - the lower being for petite or elderly patients. Well I am 53 years old but not petite so I think the 50mg dose should be OK. I am not sure if this is what she intended but I think it would probably be pretty pointless taking 25mgs a day, what do you more experienced 'Throidies think?

I took my first 50mg dose last night, and I took the venlafaxine and my supplements which were also advised by one of the knowledgeable members Grey Goose - whose advise is always excellent. I am taking Natrol Liquid Iron, which is all natural ingredients with iron and b vitamins, and also Solgar Vit. D3 25 ug/(1000iu) soft gel caps, Higher Nature Premium Naturals Vitamin K2, Solgar Calcium Magnesium plus Boron, Swanson Zinc Picolinate 22mg, some additional B12 (SYNVIT® Vitamin B-12 1000ug high strength Sublingual) as the NLI does not have the level suggested, and Vega Iron (Bisglycinate) 50mg Non-Constipating because the NLI is also not quite as high a dose as suggested all these were taken with breakfast.

I took my basal temperature this morning and it was the highest it has been for weeks. It had mostly been 35.6c but this morning it was 36.1c, so far I feel no different except I don't think my eyesight is quite as blurred :-)

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Baggibod, I've been taking thyroid since 1983. It takes about 2 weeks to notice anything at all and a number of weeks after that to notice improvement in symptoms. Possibly you have low vitamin and mineral levels which are getting a boost and making you feel better. I didn't check your previous posts or profile, so don't know if your doctor has tested for these.

Well done Baggiebod for persisting - I just read your last post & plan :)

My GP started me on 25mcg levo as "I was over 50" - I felt rotten to start, it takes 6 weeks to build up - so starting on 50mcg sounds about right to me anyway. See how you feel - you'll know if you're overdosing.

Once I was on 100mcg I did feel better (but I also take some T3 since GP wouldn't increase). I did try NDT for a year previously & know the difference, but when I tied to go back to it a few months ago I kept getting palpitations :( - probably as levo is still in system??

Good luck, and your vitamin regime is impressive - keep us posted! J :D

Glad you are finally getting treatment!

Baggiebod, well done for sticking to your guns! It will probably take a while to notice much difference but hopefully you will soon 😊

Yes, from my limited understanding of Levo it may have still been in your system and caused over medication with the NDT which gave you the palpitations.

It will take a while for you to notice a difference. If you get a racing pulse, or palpitations, drop the dose down to 25mcgs for a couple days and then ease it back up. Good luck xx

Yes I agree with your thoughts on that - I am keeping a careful eye on my reaction to it and will drop down to 25mgs if I feel any palpitations etc. Thanks x

Congratulations on getting your doctor to prescribe a trial

lets hope you see postive results in 6 weeks

raise in temperature is a good start

Remember when your due a blood test NEVER NEVER take your thyroid meds in the 24hrs befoehand or test will be skewed

Yes I agree and I will try to get the earliest time for getting the blood test taken as that also helps I believe. Thank you very much for getting back to me xx

Don't eat or drink before your test either (apart from water, which is fine).

Hello Baggiebod,

50 mcg Levothyoxine is a good starting dose. You may find it useful to record temp and pulse every day to ascertain where you are with treating your hypothyroidism. Other symptoms may lag 6 weeks behind good biochemistry and cause confusion

Take your pill on an empty stomach with a glass of water, 1 hour before food, 2 hours before supplements and 4 hours before calcium, iron supplements.

If you have tested positive for TPOAb or TGAb indicating Hashimotos (I can't remember), some members have found following a gluten free diet to be beneficial. If you haven't been tested, ask your GP.

Your supplements are of good quality and address nutients commonly found to be low in hypothyroidism but you should only take therapeutic doses if you have actual deficiencies. Most need to be mid range to be optimal with Vit B12 slightly higher.

I am pleased you have a trial of Levothyroxine and your perseverence has paid off.

I hope you start feeling the benefits soon,


Thanks Flower, I am thinking of getting a private blood test after 6 weeks because the labs don't test all the stuff I want checking - as you say the antibodies need to be checked but when the lab found my TPOAb to be in range they refused to check the TGAb which means I don't have a definitive answer to whether I have Hashimoto's, the Medical Practice I am in also does not sanction the test for D3 or T3 - so to try to get a better insight into what is going on I think it is worth getting an in-depth blood test done privately. I am currently taking my supplements with breakfast and also my Venlafaxine, so I now take my Levo at bedtime. We'll see how that goes but 2 days in - so far so good. My Basal temperature this morning was 36.1c again like yesterday - an increase of about 0.5c from before the Levo. I will take up your advice regarding the pulse as it has been high in the last few weeks. I will keep you informed x

Well done on persuading your GP to trial Levothyroxine, Baggiebod. Your 'homework' and forward planning has certainly paid off! Dunno whether she made a mistake with 2 x 25mcg scrips, but if she did, it is in your favour because 25mcg might not have made much difference but 50mcg should.

When you go back, don't forget to say that you were taking 50mcg, and assume that is what she meant because there were two scripts.

Otherwise next time you may only get either a small increase or no increase.

Yes, I plan to play dumb and make believe she meant to dose me with 50mgs :-) I think she will be pretty annoyed lol x


Private blood tests are definately worth while nearer the time if GP only tests TSH as this will give you a clearer picture and also more ammunition.

Obviously depending on your results will determine if you need a dose adjustment. The important thing is not to let your GP reduce your meds unless you feel over medicated (hotter than usual, palpatations, insomnia, etc).

Levo can take a while to settle but hopefully you will be starting to feel the full benefits after 6 weeks and and can tell your GP.

Keep us posted, flower007

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