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Hi everyone, hope you're all enjoying summer :)

First, I decided to get some licorice extract and some hydrocortisone tablets to give them a go. I found a great article about healing adrenal fatigue by using tiny doses of HC, having been assured I would avoid nasty side effects this way. I took 2.5mg the last 2 days and felt a difference! Definitely more awake...then very sleepy and had the most refreshing sleep I've had for a while! I took a few drops of licorice in the evening and it's a real pick me up. I am still a little nervous about the HC. So I'm taking it all really slow.

Second, I began to think that maybe I've always had hypo and nobody noticed...reynauds from 4, short in height, family genetics. I think my efforts to starve myself for four years sped up the process but I might well have ended up like this anyway. So I wonder if I'll need medication forever?

I'm not taking any thyroid stuff at the moment, but I would way prefer to take synthetics in the future if possible. I read this article tiredthyroid.com/blog/2012/...

Which states that NDT has less of an advantage than people think over synthetics and may even cause antibodies to occur/rise. My question is, is it absolutely necessary to take NDT? Do people get good results on a t4/t3 mix? Would that be enough to make the mucin go away, for example? I obviously have quite a lot of it and I know it's dangerous if left over time. Obviously I have to help my adrenals out first because they don't tolerate any t3 at the moment and I'm thinking a mix would be better anyway. Are there any ways of doing anything about t2/t1/calcitonin other than NDT?

Finally, I'm really considering ordering some blood tests. Testing the ft3/4 t3/4 ferritin etc seems pretty important and I've managed to wiggle some cash into my budget. If anyone could put up links to the right tests I would be very grateful! And if anyone could tell me how to persuade a GP to get the right tests done instead, that would be great also... oh and if there are good naturopaths near oxford anyone knows of I'd love to be informed... THANKS LOADS and have a great day xx

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Can i ask how was toxity diagnosed. I went to see Dr.P a couple of years ago and decided not to start on nutri thryroid.

Iv had some strange symtoms since iv been taking T4 and im not sure what part thyroxine is playing in my symptoms. I dont feel well enough to make any radical change at the moment.


Superparrot, good to hear the HC and licorice is helping.

Hypothyroidism is almost always a life long condition requiring daily replacement. I've only ever taken synthetic T3, T4 or T4+T3 and I'm well now. NHS doctors are trained to use T4 and to interpret T4 blood tests so Levothyroxine will be the NHS treatment offered. If you find it doesn't suit you can try T3, in combination with T4, or T3 only, but you'll probably need an endo to prescribe or to buy your own.

Blue Horizon and Genova tests are available via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

Thanks clutter! I'm so glad you're well :) I swear hypothyroidism is some kind of curse ;)

Superparrot, it's not a blessing for sure, but it must be the same for any illness/chronic condition.

Oh absolutely, and I know there are worse things. Have to remember that and feel lucky.

Superparrot, There are worse things you might feel lucky you don't have but there's no doubt hypothyroidism can be devasting until it is controlled.

Well it is very encouraging to know that someone such as yourself seems to have got it under control. You are an inspiration, so thank you :)

No, you don't have to take NDT but it has been in use in various forms since 1892. I think the pharmaceutical companies used lots of persuasion for doctors to prescribe levo in the USA. Regarding NDT - just for info this is a scientific article re NDT.


Many do well taking T3/T4 synthetic levo.



Thank you shaws, makes it all clear :)

Hi Superparrot,

Do you have a link to the article about healing adrenals with small doses of HC?

I just saw my naturopathic doctor today and he said he could do something similar. I think he said it was a time-release compound. I am going to have another saliva test done first, but your experience sounds encouraging.

It's here: health-matrix.net/2013/06/2...

Interesting website actually, has some stuff about iron overload and how that can show up as hypothyroidism among other things. And how activated charcoal can deal with that. Amazing!

There are quite a few other people who have talked about an HC protocol as well.

Wake up bluepettals! ;)

i had to delete my tired post as my pic has gone off th epage. so sososooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired

Oh dear! Well I sympathize...or should that be symptompathize? :) hope you feel better soon.

superparrot,ididnt know ndt can cause antibodies???? andi will pm you on who NOT to see in oxford, especially where you r adrenals are concerned..

It was just something I read in a lot of different places after scouring the web. I don't know if it's true for everyone, I think if it's working for you it's probably best to keep taking it! But I believe that is why some don't get along with it, particularly with hashimotos. I know my immune system is very sensitive to anything foreign and don't want to risk it, but I don't think it would be like that for everyone.

Thanks for the PM. Took heed ;)

Here is a list of labs from STTM. stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...

One expert I respect says that adrenals can heal rather quickly if you remove stressors that cause its dysfunction. Stress can come from food, chemicals and emotional stress. I'm beginning to believe the same can happen with the thyroid gland under the right circumstances. A functional medicine doctor is more likely to know what to do about that.

Thank you, yes I think that is true. Really useful video, thanks :)

You may want to read "Safe Uses of Cortisol" by William Jefferies MD if you can find a copy. T3+T4 is working very well for me. Most of the sites like Hypothyroid mom recommend at least the TSH/FT3/FT4/TPOAb/TGAb/rT3 test suite.

Thanks, I will look into your recommendations. Much appreciated! :)

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