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What Thyroid Medication to order


Hi, I am in the process of ordering some NDT from a supplier in Thailand. I have been on Efra & Westhyroid and presently on NP been fine on all of them BUT with this new supplier they only offer 2 kinds Thyroid S and Thiroyd both are 60mg pill but I can’t see a breakdown of the content ie T1,T2, T3 or T4. My question is what is the best one of the two and I would be interested in anyone’s experience of these tabs and the dosage, I have normall taken 1.5 to 2 grains. Thanks

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I've got the Stop The Thyroid Madness Book and it gives the doses of T3 & T4 in a number of different NDT's. I'll check it & come back to you as I'm out at present.

Thinking off the top of my head it doesn't give info on T1 or T2. As I say, I'll check 😊

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Paula101

No company, anywhere, states T2 and T1 content.

For one thing, it would be much more difficult to achieve consistent levels of four substances when blending and diluting the desiccated thyroid powder.

For another, there is very little information as to whether T2 and T1 can be delivered by desiccated thyroid tablets.

And no-one has done the research to find out whether the quantities of T2 and T1 possibly present in desiccated thyroid would make a real difference.

If they don't contain a standardised, consistent level of T2 and T1, and if the levels they might deliver are too low to make any real difference, there is next to no point making anything of their possible presence.

Paula101 in reply to helvella

I had no idea, so thanks for posting helvella. Always learning from this forum 👍🏻

elle in reply to helvella

You are quite right Helvella it is only T3 & T4, my mistake



Information about T4 and T3 content of different brands


Nobody gives amounts of T1, T2, etc, it says "unmeasured amounts".

The best one is the one that suits you, nobody can tell you that. Some people like one, some get on better with the other.

elle in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you SeasideSusie, I was hoping to hear from someone who has been in the same position as me, basically moving from branded products and onto these non branded tabs to see how they got on. It is so difficult to know and to be honest the normal suppliers of NDT are becoming either horrendously expensive and or few and far between. It’s getting tough out there and to be honest I don’t really understand what the problem is if people are willing to fund their own medication......it’s a conspiracy ;-)

Hidden in reply to elle

I take Thyroid S. One tab of 60 grains is 38 mcg T4 and 9 mcg T3. Not many people realise that you have to chew these before you swallow as coating is very hard and drug release is poor. I take 2 grains and my bloods are consistent. I feel good on this.

Paula101 in reply to Hidden

I found your post helpful Grincho. I swallow my Thyroid-S but will chew it & see what happens.

jjf255 in reply to Hidden

The reason for the coating on Thyroid S is to allow for slow release. I have found this to be very beneficial. I split my daily dose into 3 doses through out day. I know this is very difficult for most people because of the time needed between thyroid meds and food and vitamins, but I have found this to work for me. Because of the slow release of Thyroid S I get a very even distribution of thyroid hormone through out the day and never have a huge rush of T3, which can cause palpitations in some people.

Hidden in reply to jjf255

I see your reasoning, but these are not classified or designated as 'slow release'. It's very important that people do not think they are manufactured according to 'slow release' formula. The thin, light brown coating on Thyroid-S tablets is distinctive, and not easily duplicated by counterfeiters. This is said to be why the manufacturer has decided to manufacture the tablets in this manner.

There is a brand of 'slow release' T3 but it has not been popular.

It's good that you have a result that suits you from multi dosing in this way although many would say that NDT is a 'one dose' drug - but that's a different debate :)

It's more likely that you're doing well on the multi dosing than on swallowing the Thyroid S whole. It's just important that you do what's right for you.

elle in reply to Hidden

Thanks Grincho good advice

StitchFairy in reply to elle

Why do you call the Thai products unbranded? True they are not American brands, but that doesn't make them unbranded. They are Thai brands.

My Thiroyd container only states that they are 60mg tablets. There is no information about the individual hormone content, nor the ingredients.

elle in reply to StitchFairy

Hi StitchFairy sorry I didn’t mean to offend you re the branded comment it’s just that I have always either got my pills from Dr Herthoghe and America where the Armour, Westhroid NP and Efra are what I call branded, you can go on line and check who makes them and what are generally in the pills BUT these branded pills are becoming horrendously expensive and difficult to get SO I am looking to get my supplies from Thailand, I am new to this way and I have been looking for advice as I don’t know anything about the pills. I have found the observations and advice from people in reply to my post to be great and I have actually ordered my pills now so thanks, didn’t mean to offend

Thanks for posting the link SS, especially as I've only just picked up the phone since my earlier post....sorry elle for not getting back to you sooner.

Right I don't chew my Thyroid S and my dose is 1.75 so if not chewing cuts down benefits then I think I would be struggling. I have heard the coating gives the effect of slow release which if correct I would see as I positive fact. Before I went back to taking NDT having been prescribed by the NHS many years ago I spent years reading posts about it and found that some were happy with either but some could only take on and not the other. I went for Thyroid S as I liked the sloe release suggestion and was/am great on it but beforehand I knew I had a conversation issue to address first. I wounded on my low vits etc for 5 months and then made the switch and no problems. I followed the STTM suggestion though I may have started with a lower dose as cautious but I over dosed. I have planned this though to becon hopefully my full dose by the time I saw my Endo to get my bloods checked. This confirmed I was over dosed though I felt good. So he suggested I dropped to 1.75 and he was spot on! After a while once confident on my medication I decided to try Thiroyd. I had been a bit concerned about the numerous fillers and thought to try the alternative. Within hours I had an horrendous headache and after two days I couldn't stand it any longer and went back to Thyroid S. I wasn't one of those that could take either. Been happy on Thyroid S ever since.

jgelliss in reply to silverfox7


Great Information . Thank you .

elle in reply to silverfox7

Thank you Silverfox7, very helpful advice, thanks I have ordered Thyroid S now but I have always crunched my pills so I will try it both ways

Thanks again

I switched from levothyroxine to Thiroyd and am currently on 1 and a half grains. These are soft tablets which I dissolve under my tongue as supposedly better absorbed that way. I have had no side effects and will stick to these for now.

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