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Cynomel (Sanofi Aventis) suppliers?

Hi All,

Quick question! Does anyone have any idea where I can get my private prescription filled for Cynomel?

The usual pharmacy I deal with who have an account with IDIS have just informed me it will be approximately 40 days wait. This is just disastrous for me. I have a week supply left and am going on holiday to Italy on the 10th of August. I feel sick.

I know there is absolutely no point in trying the Co-op, Boots and all the mainstream Pharmacists. They will only quote me obscene prices like £335 for 90 tablets. And they will have an account with IDIS too so it will be no quicker. Why oh why does it always come back to this?

Any suggestions appreciated. I even wondered about trying to contact pharmacies in France, but don't know if this would work and I don't want my prescription missing in the post.

Regards Joan

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Joan, Link is for NDTwith prescription but it may be worth trying the online pharmacies and wholesale importers for Cynomel

You may be able to scan your prescription and attach it to an email to order from Sanofi Aventis.


I know that my pharmacy here in the South of France will honour a Belgian or Danish prescription. Suggest you take your prescription to Italy and they should do it too. Worst comes to worst, scan the prescription and send it to me. I will get it from my pharmacy and will be happy to send it on to you wherever you may be. 30 tablets of 25 mcg cost 2.75 euros. You may PM me if this helps. Regards.


Hi Tigreg and Clutter,

Thank you so much for your helpful replies. I think what I am going to do is try and get in touch with Sanofi tomorrow, but I am not too hopeful as I don't think they really deal with the general public. I will then try the other numbers on the link you posted Clutter. If that is unsuccessful I would definitely like to take up your offer of help Tigreg, and I will PM you.




A while ago you made a very kind offer to get a Cynomel prescription filled for someone at your local pharmacy. I wondered if you know of a French pharmacy which would accept a faxed or emailed prescription from a UK doctor and then be prepared to post the Cynomel to me in the UK? I have primary and secondary hypothyroidism, with the added complication of being allergic to Levothyroxine and every T3 preparation except for the French drug Cynomel. I am fortunate in that I have no problem with my doctors or pharmacist but the supply of Cynomel is very patchy. It is causing me huge problems. Contacting Sanofi was no help at all. I am not currently well enough to travel anywhere. If you or anyone has any helpful suggestions/solutions that would be great?

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