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Need help with my blood tests

Hi all,

I have been following this post for a while and encouraged me to post my problem since last October 2014.

Here are my blood results on


Free T4 15.3 [12.0 - 22.0]

TSH 4.02 [0.4 - 4.0]

Serum folate 10.9 ug/L [3.0 - 20.0]

Serum ferritin 6 ug/L [25.0 - 300.0]

Serum vitamin B12 654 ng/L [180.0 - 800.0]


Free T4 14.4 [12.0 - 22.0]

TSH 4.09 [0.4 - 4.0]

Serum ferritin 29 ug/L [25.0 - 300.0]


Free T4 16.1 [12.0 - 22.0]

Free T3 4.9 [3.1 - 6.9]

TSH 4.09 [0.4 - 4.0]

Serum ferritin 45 ug/L [25.0 - 300.0]

25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 29 nmol/L [50.0 - 150.0]

25-Hydroxyvitamin D2 <10 nmol/L

Since June 2015 I have been put on high dose of D3 (20,000 units twice a week) for 6 weeks, then stay on maintenance dose of 5000 unit a day.

I feel really bad, no energy, can't get out of bed in the morning, depression etc.

My GP refuses to give me any thyroid medication although he thinks I need to go on medications. No way to prescribe any NDT.

I am thinking to go and see a private doctor. Does anybody have any experience with Dr Liam Chapman? please pm me for any advice. DO you think it is too early to go to private doctor?

I would be grateful for any help and advices of what to do next.

Many thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forum, Hopingeagle.

See another GP at the practice or change your GP. Your TSH has been over range for months. If GP thinks you need thyroid replacement why the devil doesn't he prescribe it? You shouldn't have to pay privately for someone to do the job your GP should be doing.

Ferritin 45 is low, halfway through range is optimal. Supplement iron and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Retest in 6 months.

VitD 29 is low, 75-200 is optimally replete and most people are comfortable when vitD is around 100. Your GP prescribed loading doses which will boost levels and 5,000iu is a high maintenance dose so levels will probably be adequate, if not replete, in another 4-8 weeks. After loading doses I continued supplementing 5,000iu daily for 9 months and levels were 384 which is too high, so retest after 6 months.


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