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Hi as requested some background.

Feeling bad since May 13, saw GP July 14, tsh 10.3 T4 13.4. tpo >600 u/ml.

June 15 tsh 1.8. T4 18. (0.25-5.0). (9.0-23.0)

No new tpo test. Taking thyroxine 125 mg.

Having joint pain in hand and knee so asked about Hashimoto and got told it wasn't the problem, got some extra tests agreed: cortisol,copper,folate,free t3, iron magnesium, zinc.

Getting the feeling my gp is at the end of his willingness to help because I'm in the box and he is out of his comfort zone.

Contemplating an adrenal stress test privately to go with the above extra's.

Feeling better than early in the year but still get foggy heads, white noise in my ears constantly, joint pain,tiredness etc .

Any thoughts welcome.

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Not to sure about those antibodies. Do you mean yours were over 600? Or is that the range? If it's your result, then you do have Hashi's, but whether that is the problem or not is debatable. They only test antibodies once - if you're Lucky enough to get it once! They Don't tend to test it because they Don't know what to do if it's positive.

You also want your vit D and vit B12 tested. Magnesium isn't a very reliable test - amazed he agreed to do that! - so just take some, anyway. About 400 with a little zinc. Why do they always do the least helpful tests and ignore the others?!? The noise in your ears could be due to low magnesium.

If I were you, I would hold off on the cortisol until you've got your vits and mins sorted.

That TSH is still high, you could do with an increase. In fact, with Hashi's you would probably do better with your TSH suppressed.

Yes, he is out of his comfort zone, so you have to learn as much as you can to guide him. They just Don't do all this at med school, I'm afraid.



Checked tpo and 34 u/ml is the marker line so a little over for me. Apparently I have had a b12 test but no result at home I will check with surgery tomorrow. I was curious about the Hashimoto and gluten thing because that's a fix I can do,but he couldn't tell me why I don't have Hashimoto.


Because he doesn't know what he's talking about, that's all. If your antibodies are over the upper limit, you have Hashis. There's no way he can deny that. Try the gluten-free, anyway.


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