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I am not converting t4 to t3 very well. My endo doc said it's toxins and that I have autoimmune thyroiditis. I have four crowns and under 3 of them I have large amalgam fillings that I've had for the last 40 years. There is no way I'm having these out. $$$$$ I'd end up with dentures and that would only be if my doctor said it was that or death. I heard that you can swish organic coconut oil around your mouth 1/day and get rid of the heavy metals and drink distilled water which is supposed to tie up heavy inorganic metals and get them out of your body. I also heard poor t4 to t3 conversion can just be old age. Can somebody address all of this information. Please.

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  • the commonest toxic substance most people do not even think about is from their aluminium or non stick cookware and that includes the use of slow cookers , electric coffee makers and any gadget /gizmo that has an aluminium fan or heating element hidden in it

    add on majority of processed foods , toothpastes .drinks cans, food cans and far too many people are oblivious to what they consume day after day

    Use only stainless steel or glass or cast iron , prepare everything from scratch and fresh ingredients and yes carbonated mineral water is very useful for the digestion especially for anyone who has had their gall bladder removed

  • Thanks reallyfedup123. I feel just like your handle with trying different meds and herbs and a endo doc who's overbooked. You feel like and you are on your own....but thanks to this website there are people like you out there. Thanks again.

  • use quartz pans and pots. They are really good and a bit pricey also

  • I resisted replying as it's a tricky one and my words (or anything) aren't perfectly formed at the moment!

    I've loads of amalgam (mercury) fillings under my caps too - since I was 15 & root fillings too - dentist got paid per filling/tooth as solicitors paid per word - has it changed now?

    I can't afford it either - yet paid towards my daughter's treatment (a specialist in Manchester who used dams & extractor fans for mercury fumes etc etc) ££££s later - she suffered for years - chelating with carbon.... toxic spots still coming down/out from jaw... think its about 3 years now & she feels well enough to apply for a job :D

    Please check iron, ferritin, B12 & folate and vitamin D - before marching on to find why you're not converting.. oh selenium (brazil nuts) is another important one....

    Toxins are nasty but its equally important if you're lacking in something - nutrients deficiencies... the story goes on....

  • Hi sparerib

    do you mean your daughter suffered for years because of the amalgam or the removal of them?


  • There are many reasons for not converting. Has he checked out all the others? Nutritional deficiencies - vit D, vit B12, folate, iron, ferritin - low cortisol, having Hashimoto's?

    Be careful with distilled water. It contains no nutrients. People have died from just drinking distilled water with no other type of water. Do your research carefully if you are considering going down that road.

  • Mercury from dental work makes people ill..period. You could have them safely replaced..why would you have to have dentures? Your doctor can not say for sure that this is the cause..there are 10 or more reasons for poor conversion. Get mercury testing?

  • How do you test Mercury? I have mouth full of them. Been there 30 years already.


  • I know there is testing available. Maybe kits you can order online.

  • read david and 113's answers.

  • I was born with mercury poisoning from my mother's mercury poisoning. She had the metal fillings - and they seeped into her body. She became excruciatingly ill with full blown multiple chemical sensitivity, hashimotos, environmental illness - she was allergic to nearly every food on the planet, and she was also allergic to her own hormones and brain chemicals... and eventually she even had a brain aneurysm and a stroke from it all. When she had her teeth pulled, they discovered the mercury tattoo she had, from the bad filling seeping into her body since she was an early teen. It all had to be cut out of her mouth - gum tissue, bone and all - and since she was allergic to anesthesia, I'll spare you the details of what she went through. After this was removed, she had to do a very substantial detox - mercury does not easily leave the body. (My mother has fully recovered now, with the help of many alternative practitioners, including homeopaths.)

    I also had metal/amalgam fillings as a teenager. In my early 20's I decided to have them removed, but sadly, the dentist who replaced them did not give me a safe removal. I got a new case of mercury poisoning.

    I've since done detoxes and have found the very best of them. But you really need to have the source of the problem removed, if you are ever going to be able to fully detox. Otherwise, it's like throwing water on a fire that never dies. You have got to get the metal out of your mouth, and then detoxification will actually work. I'm so sorry - I know this is not what you want to hear. It may be $$$$ but it's an investment in yourself that you really need to consider as being worth it. The alternative is to throw money into detoxification for the rest of your life, and believe me - detoxification does not feel good. It's exhausting, and you need an end point to look forward to. As long as those amalgam fillings are in your mouth, there is no end point.

    For my part, I have recovered from the mercury poisoning. I even became an alternative healing practitioner. However I'm still struggling with hormone imbalance, in a very big way. I can't even imagine how I'd be feeling (or if I would even still be alive) if I still had the mercury poisoning. The things that ruin a life can take a lifetime to recover from.

    If I still had my fillings, I would not even attempt to detoxify my body with them still in my mouth. Detoxifying when you are still exposed can make you feel a whole lot worse.

  • I am so sorry to read about your mother. Found your post to be really interesting and informative.

  • Thank you cinnamon_girl :-)

  • Hi Nicole

    If you live to be 300 years old mercury will still be leaking from your fillings minute by minute !!

    You need to have your fillings removed safely under the IAOMT (Institute of Advanced Oral Medical Toxicolgy) protocols.

    I had 11 mercury fillings removed in 2010 at the Munro Hall Health clinic in Bedfordshire. They are holistic healers as well as incredible dentists who will remove your mercury safely using their own detox programme to protect you and themselves.They do not charge the earth and will give you a full assessment based on your health conditions.

    Best of luck.


  • How do you know if the dentist is well qualified to remove the Mercury fillings? I had mine removed at a regular dentist office and they didn't do anything special the main cause for me replacing them was for appearance only I had no idea what all they could cause back then. I still have one left in my mouth a long with a few crowns that have metal under porcelain. I had at least 5 or 6 removed. when I came back in to see the dentist which belonged to a group him and his dental assistant no longer worked there it had only been maybe two days and was very strange nobody would say anything about him not being employed there any longer. Not too long after that is when my symptoms started getting worse.

  • Lori559 - was a rubber dam used?

  • I'm really pleased that I had my mouthful of amalgams removed. To be able to hold a conversation, construct sentences etc has made a huge difference to me. It took 6 months for the work to be done.

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