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Nutribullet and heavy metal and mercury detox for hypothyroidism patients....any suggestions?

Any suggestions for heavy metal and mercury detox that is safe? I recently got a nutribullet and looking for receipe suggestions to help boost my immune system and detox mercury and heavy metals without breaking the bank on expensive detox kits!

Drs refuse to test me for heavy metals and mercury despite telling them my lousy symptoms after having my amalgam fillings removed!

If I have to get one of those heavy metal detox kits then can someone guide me on how to detox safely?

Can someone suggest to me a good diet to help me get back to health and boost low thyroid levels and low energy too? Many thx xxxx

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loads of Vit C and MSM to clear the toxicity and milk thistle to heal the liver

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Removing mercury fillings only solves half the problem as the half life of mercury can be up to 30 years. It will still be lodged in your tissues and organs - and it can cross the blood-brain barrier.

If incorrect technique was used when removing your fillings, you will have had severe additional exposure. There is a specific protocol to be used, dental dam, etc.

Chelation is very dangerous and complex process. I looked into it at length and decided against it. There are just too many protocols out there and if you look long enough, you find that each one has potential complications.

If done incorrectly it can dislodge the mercury, circulate it and lodge it elsewhere even deeper.

I use vitamin C injections. That was the safest measure i came across. I cannot say whether it helps. I had my mercury removed about 18 months ago, but the poison was sitting there for 30 years so I don't know the full extent of the damage caused. I have a strong sense it caused me to develop multiple auto immune diseases.

Most of the tests are not accurate, so don't bother. If you had mercury fillings, you have mercury in your body, simple. Look at the famous smoking filling video on youtube, that shows you the vapours still being released by a 20 year old filling. That is going on in your mouth as long as the mercury is there.

Diet, cut out gluten straight away. Gluten feeds thyroid antibodies. Avoid fluoride in water and toothpaste - and at the dentist, fluoride is damaging to your thyroid.

Milk thistle - if memory serves - is contraindicated with thyroid disease


I cant see any reason why milk thistle is contra indicated in thyroid

its simply a herb that tones the liver

it certainly has caused no problem for my Hashis daughter who takes it because she had her gall bladder removed and suffered a form of spincter oddi problems as a result

what is vital is if mercury fillings are remived full rubber dam techniques must be used



Also, the present findings suggest that silymarin under food restriction situation exerts a decreasing effect upon peripheral conversion of T4 to T3.

Silymarin is the main active component of milk thistle.

And what does "tones the liver" actually mean?


That research is interesting and a little worrying for what is always considered a safe herb although it sounds like the rats were given a lot of Silymarin/ milk thistle

Milk Thistle is basically known as being good for ensuring the liver works efficiently and for those who have had gall stones it regulates bile production

Its also one of several ingredients in very well respected dog "bisquits" which are recommended in dogs with gastric/liver/pancreatitis problems


This is a huge problem and most dentists still don not accept amalgam is dangerous. I have a number of old fillings, and if one needs to be removed then a dam in necessary, but not all dentists will use one. I can remember having a few removed without any precautions at all.

I was given advice a while ago to take charcoal and extra selenium after extractions/removals. Dr Myhill now recommends 'far-infra-red sauna' as one method of detox instead of chelation, but I'm unsure about the evidence is behind this procedure.


I was once the patient of a dentist who would have laughed at any suggestion that mercury was poisonous ..............strange how he died from mercury poisoning


Karma's a bitch! lol

I had one dentist that frequently insisted 'recent research in the US has proved that mercury isn't dangerous!' But he could never point me in the direction of that research. Funny that...

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yeah very funny that




big hugs


To you too. :)


Coffee enemas are said to cleanse the liver, although I am yet to unearth any solid scientific studies.


what about decaff?


No, must be full caffeine, and medium roast is recommended. Join the Bottoms Up Facebook page, or read up on Gerson therapy for more info.


My dentist used a dental damn initially, he extracted the tooth that had a broken amalgam fillings. So god knows how long I've ingested the stuff and inhaling the vapour. My amalgam fillings were pretty tiny they all costed 45 pounds each for three fillings except from one the broken amalgam, I got that removed by the nhs for free. The top teeth he never used a dental dam because he said its pointless using on the top teeth. But the assistant used a hoover in the mouth to suck out the remaining bits and slebs. Dentist told me to not swallow so much what so ever!

So if I just use a normal sauna every day at the gym will that help with removing metals and mercury in my body? Followed by a nutribullet detox? How about pectin? Can I use pectin to detox from heavy metals? Will that be a safer type of chelation?


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