T3 advice please.(when is the best time?)

I have just got my new 'script filled it is a combined T3 / T4. 50 mcg T4 and 10mcg T3 ,T3 twice a day for a month.

I feel a little unsure about things. I took the script in on Tuesday and asked if they could get the T3 as I had heard there was a problem.The girl said she knew they had T3 in 20mcg but asked the pharmacist,who (while I was there.) rang up whoever about getting it and said "should be in this week.we will ring you." Well they never rang so off I went today to see if I was going to get my T3. The pharmacist served me. He came out with T3 but explained that they don't make 10mcg T3 only 20mcg.I would have to cut the tabs in half.Well that's fine BUT if they had 20mcg T3 in stock at the beginning of the week and were (after 'phoning) waiting for 10mcg that are not made. how can I have confidence in the pharmacist?

Anyway what I wanted to ask is when is the best time to take T3/T4

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  • Hi, This is an entirely personal thing. Some people split the dose, but others take it all at once first thing in the morning or before bed. Try taking it as the doctor suggests to start with, but there is nothing wrong with making your own schedule as best suits you.

    Jane x

  • Hi Jane,That's the problem,although on the T3 it says twice a day,which means cutting it in half,I was not told anything about morning/bedtime. before or after food etc. and the T4 is only once a day.

    I was on 150mcg. T4 before which I took first thing as this was most convenient.

  • Try taking it all once to begin with. The T3 should kick in quite quickly, and hopefully the T4 will work later in the day as this is converted to T3 for use in the cells. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_...

    Don't feel that you have to stick rigidly to this schedule as you may want to change the timing when you know how well it's all working.

    Jane x

  • Thanks Jane.x

  • Jane, thanks for the link. I didn't know that the thyroid and liver were so interlinked. I understand myself a lot better now. x

  • I agree with Jane, try to take it at once in the morning with your T4 and take it from there :)

    I take my T3 all at once when I first wake.

  • Thanks nobody,it was strange at the chemists,the pharmacist didn't want me to have the T3 unless I promised to cut them in half. He was going to ring the hospital to check it was ok. Didn't give me much confidence in him.

  • He would want you to cut them in half as that is what you were prescribed.He wouldn't want you to overdose because he hadn't explained the need to cut in half. . Your bloods will need to be checked before they up the dose. I was also started on 10mcgs twice a day. I actually cut my late morning one into quarters and have a third dose mid afternoon. But I am still having the 20mcgs daily that was prescibed.

  • Hi Jill,I can understand the pharmacist being cautious but he never gave me any advice either.Just a brown glass bottle of pills,no info. leaflet. I thought it strange that he had rang up to order the T3 in 10mcg on Tuesday and then today(Friday) tell me they didn't make them.The T3 20mcg was in stock on Tuesday.

  • Thanks nobody.x

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