Blood results feel over medicated

Hi everyone please could someone advise on my private blood results ? I feel awful my arms ache like i have been lifting weights and have a pain in my left side rib area :( My last bloods are ...FT4 17 (9-22)

FT3 4.64 (2.63-5.70) TSH 0.19 (035.4.94) to me my TSH is lower than range these results were received on the 4th June ...and have carried on with 50mcg of thyroxine ...just feel unwell pains in my arms and weakness is driving me mad :( any thoughts would be appreciated .

lynn xxxxxxxx

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  • levothyroxine is capable of causing joint and muscle pain but seems excessive for just a 50mcg dosage but folk who are hypersensitive to chemicals or fillers do suffer on synthetic meds

    try stopping the levo and see if things improve

  • Hi thank you for your reply ,i have just changed from Mercury Pharma to Avantis as the Mercury brand gave me bad bloating and bottom sickness :( only been on Avantis 4 days but the bloating and rushing to the loo has gone but the pains in my arms are so bad its hard for me to even type :( i had these pains before diaganosed but i have been hyper before about 10 years ago as have TPO antibodies and was told i would eventually go hypo which happened in march :( i just want to feel normal and have the strength back in my arms ---- i had these pains when i was hyper too :( i just thought that because my TSH was under range i may have gone Hyper i will not take my levo tomorrow and go to see the GP and ask for a blood test ,Thank you for replying to me feeling really down xxxxxx

  • Under-range TSH does not make you 'hyper' (over - medicated), over-range FT3 might possibly. Your problem is probably that your T3 is too low. It's only just over mid-range, and most people need it up the top of the range to feel well.

  • Have you thought about following a gluten free diet? With Hashimosis where your body produces antibodies to attack the thyroid gluten free diet can lower the antibodies and keep that side more stable. It might possibly be connected to your aches and pains that your reported were there before treatment. Am assuming you've already had your B12, vit D, iron and folate checked?

  • Hiya thank you for your replies :) Greygoose i thought the FT3 was pretty high ? its such a minefield ...I have coeliac disease and have been on GF diet for over 20 years i have B12 injections every 12 weeks and my B12 is off the scale at 2000 ...My vitamin D was adequate I had private bloods done through Biolab in London and My B2 was Deficient my B1 was Borderline and my B6 was Borderline so my GP gave me a course of those B vits .It makes me angry that i had to pay for these bloods as the NHS won't do them but she wrote me a prescription for the vitamins grrr.. Going back tomorrow to ask for more bloods as just don't feel well ,its difficult to know whats going on before i started thyroxine in March i thought i had gone Hyper again but my results showed my TSH was 4.67 and although top of range is 5 in my area the gp agreed to give me thyroxine . I feel that symptoms can over lap as hyper/hypo can be similar tell you the truth it was easier to get better from the Hyper symptoms than it is from the Hypo ! I was under the hospital they gave me carbimazole and beta blockers and i soon got better :) Thank you all for taking the time to reply :) hopefully i will find the answer ?????? xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I was over-medicated on 50mcg a while ago. I had only been on Levo for 2 months and still had a lot of my hypothyroid symptoms along with the hyper ones. That confused everyone for a few months and I felt really unwell. Eventually, I went to 25/50 on alternate days. The hyper symptoms went away very quickly once I reduced my dose, but then I was quickly under-medicated and all my hypo symptoms were still there. I then went to 37.5/50 alternate days and eventually over a number of months got to 50mcg per day.

  • Hi keziablue thank you so much for your reply :) I'm going to get my bloods taken tomorrow as maybe i am over medicated like you were ? Have you got hashimotos ??? it seems that meds need tweaking ? ..Im also deficient in B2 and borderline B1 and B6 and just read symptoms and it could relate to that ???? will post my blood results when i get them .. Thanks again xxxxxx

  • Not got Hashimotos. I'm still not on a stable dose. I am gradually increasing and on 87.5 mcg per day at the moment, but still think I need to be on more. Hope you are feeling less over-medicated today. It is a horrible set of symptoms.

    Where did you get your vitamin Bs tested? My GP tried to get mine done, but they only did B12.

  • Hi keziablue , i had all my B vits done at Bio lab in london if you look on their website you can choose the bloods you want then send them a email and the will advise the cost ? they send you the tubes and you get the bloods drawn from your GP surgery or hospital you have to get you gp's ok as the results go to them ...Ive now started taking the B vits and vitamin E that it showed was decficient in and feel better :) waiting for my blood results for thyroid to come back should have them tomorrow ? Take care lynn xx

  • That's useful to know re Bio Labs will look in a mo. Hope you are still

    improving x

  • Hi helbell ,just a quick message as off to work ,yes the B vits and E have helped me :) I'm still on 50mcg of thyroxine and seem to be ok on that dose :) ..i feel it was money worth spending at biolab as if i didn't i would still be thinking it was my thyroid that was making mw feel unwell :( hope you are doing ok ? take care x

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