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Latest Blood test results, GP thinks I am over medicated. Opinions please


Ok, so I am currently taking 75/100 alternative days of T4, and 25 of T3. In the past I have seen a private Endo but I found his manner a little off putting but to give him his due he did explain using T3 and suppressed TSH levels to me and by letter to my GP.

However, my latest blood test results are as follows:

TSH 0.05 (0.2 - 5.5)

FT4 12.7 (10.0 - 24.5)

FT3 5.1 (3.1 - 6.8)

I know I feel a lot better taking the T3 but my GP is concerned I am now over medicated as my TSH is so low. But looking at results I think my FT4 and FT3 are not optimal . What do you think?

I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME but although I am improving I am still not quite right. I put all of my issues down to thyroid, and wonder if I can reach optimal medication will the CFS reduce too.

I am still taking Vitamins, iron and minerals to supplement, and results earlier this year definitely showed an improvement.

So, any advice on my thyroid results would be appreciate.

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Hello My understanding is that once you are diagnosed and on medication TSH,as long as it is around one, is less relevant than the FT4 and FT3 levels. Now you are on T3 that suppresses the TSH further so your GP is likely to under treat you if they are only considering TSH and finding it too low. I also had a diagnosis of CFS but felt that my thyroid was not fully treated and after raising the FT3 my symptoms have improved tremendously. See my profile. CFS diagnosis usually means that they then fail to monitor or actively treat other issues e.g. I was looking through paperwork today and found that my surgery thought a TSH of 4.5 was for no further action when diagnosed and taking T4. Most of them don't really understand the thyroid let alone our total collapse that warrants a CFS diagnosis.

MrsFitz in reply to cwill

Thank you @cwill, I have read your profile. I think it's absolutely shocking how GPs and consultants work within a very small framework of symptoms, I'm glad to read that you are at last improving. One of the things I have learnt since being ill is to focus on the positives, that and read about your illness so you can treat yourself!

cwill in reply to MrsFitz

Oh certainly. Laugh every day and find something that you can do for periods whilst having to rest lots. There is lots of reading to do in CFS but if you start in the gut and broaden out you can't go far wrong. And after a decent period of reading we at least know how to judge doctors that are interested in me and my health not themselves.


MrsFitz I think we would all agree with you that your free Ts are not optimal, very far from it. It's often said on here that TSH is not important when taking thyroid meds as it is a signal from the pituitary to the thyroid to produce hormone. However, by taking thyroid meds we are supplying that hormone synthetically so of course there's no signal because the pituitary is recognising the hormone being given.

You could actually do with an increase.

I am on a Levo/T3 combination, 100/31.25 at the moment, and my TSH is the same as yours, FT4 and FT3 higher than yours.

MrsFitz in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you #seasidesusie, you always offer such support, I'm very grateful. It helps to hear that I've interpreted the results correctly, I was sure I was still under and not over medicated.

Your doctor doesn't understand how to decipher blood tests for people on T3. You would expect suppressed TSH, low or low normal FT4 and high normal FT3 in someone taking T3. Your FT3 is not high normal yet - that would be >=5.9. So he talking through his posterior orifice.

I'm just wondering whether to increase the T4 or T3. Looking at my test results I think I should either increase Levo to 100 or increase the T3 to 1 and 1/4 tablet.

The T4 I receive from my GP, the T3 I find myself.

If your conversion was good before the T3 you could increase the levo, but if not, increase the T3. GP in unlikely to give you an increase by the sound of it.

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