over medicated on thyroxine

over medicated on thyroxine

Hi i am really struggling at the moment and feel shocking i was diagnosed with underactive thyroid 7 years ago and been stable on 150mcg of levothyroxine since, but lately i have been so ill my dr tested my bloods and the results were i was going over active so looks like im being over medicated he wants me to reduce my dosage, before this i ended up at hospital heart racing,shaking,palpitations i thought i was dying its really scaring me ive never felt this bad my dr doesnt really explain it to me i'll post the results of my bloods if anyone could explain them to me i know its gone over but by how much and is this the reason i feel so ill...thank you in advance xx

serum free t4 level 20.5 - range (10-18.7)

serum tsh level 0.12- (0.38-5.5)

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  • I would not for one minute say you are overmedicated with those results

  • thats what my dr has said and i feel it xx

  • You are only over medicated if your FT3 is over the range - which you have not had tested. It could be that your T4 tablet is not converting into the active thyroid hormone T3 - so creates a problem in itself. It backs up in the blood.

    Also what are your levels of Ferritin - Folate - B12 - Iron - VitD ? Are they good ? Without these being OPTIMAL the T4 will have difficulty in converting.

    T4 is a storage hormone and does very little in the body ....


  • i dont know i dont understand it all i am on vitamin d tablets prescribed by my dr and have had my b12 checked ...all i know is what the doctor has said that t has started going over active so i dont need as much thyroxine but i feel so ill its scaring me :(

  • If your Doc prescribed D then it must have been low. Is it combined with Calcium ? What was the result and how much are you taking ? Am sorry but you are only over medicated if your FT3 is over range - which they have not tested - so how would he/she know. What was your B12 result ?

    It's a good idea to always ask for copies of your results with ranges - so you can monitor your own progress. So if Ferritin and the others are low in range then the T4 will have difficulty converting onto FT3 and you will feel unwell.

    You could lower your dose and see how you feel if you are feeling so bad - but still address the basics. You cannot build a house on flimsy foundations.....

  • Katkinz01, Those results don't mean you are overmedicated but you could *feel* overmedicated. Not everyone feels well with low TSH and high FT4. Common overmedication symptoms are palpitations, anxiety, jitteriness, loose bowels, too hot, sweaty, nausea. If some of those apply to you, you will probably feel better with a dose reduction to 125mcg or 125mcg/150mcg alternate days.

  • yes that's exactly how i feel clutter ..my dr has tld me to take 100mcg for a week and then go to 125mcg does this sound right,

  • Katkinz, it sounds right to me. Reducing to 100mcg will speed up washing out the 150mcg dose and going up to 125mcg should stop you going hypo.

  • i hope so thank you clutter its freaking me out

  • Katkinz, you could skip 2 or 3 doses before starting 100mcg. It will speed up the wash out.

  • hi ive already taken 100 for 3 days might miss tomorrows dose i just dont want to go hypo it seems a vicious cycle this xx

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