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In a dilemma

Hi there, I have not been keeping up with goings on with my advancement of my thyroid cancer and am sorry for that.

I have had first the left side and now a total thyroid removal due to a nodule showing signs of cancer and after cells in my thyroid gland showing the same signs after testing in the lab again, (thyroid problems run in my family) last surgery September 2014. I have had a fine needle test on a lump which was said to be a Swollen Lymph Node. Since the test the lump has disappeared but I am left with some odd feeling pain around that area of my neck. My surgeon has booked me in on the 7th July 15 to remove this lymph node as has says it is infected also and needs to come out. I am also seeing a specialist at CHELTENHAM hospital cancer department who wanted to administer the radioactive iodine pill just to make sure, this was recommended just after the total removal but I refused it. I cannot believe that all this cutting and radiation has come about from one node showing a maybe a sign. I have just received a letter from Gloucester hospital saying that my Thyroglobulin test marker after my recent blood test was undetectable. Can you say that this test means that this Lymph node could be perfectly innocent and the Worcester Labs are over reacting? I am really scared now as it seems every time I see my surgeon he wants a bit more of me. Martin.

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Walke40, Undetectable thyroglobulin usually means there is no thyroid activity which means a recurrence of thyCa is unlikely. 'Infected' seems a strange way of saying there might be thyCa in the lymph node. Perhaps the surgeon means there is some other abnormality of the lymph node. Ask him, in light of the undetectable Tg, does he still feel the lymph node should be removed?


Hi Clutter, Thank you for your reply. I was admitted to hospital yesterday 7th July 15 after waiting a day to see if a bed would be available so stayed on nil by mouth. I was visited by a surgeon who wanted to check on the area they were to work on and as he could not locale the “tumour” he called upon another surgeon to check if he could find it. I had already called the hospital earlier in the week to mention the letter from Cheltenham hospital and that the lump had disappeared but I was asked to attend anyway as I was listed as urgent and given priority for a bed. The upshot is I was discharged from hospital and am now waiting for another scan appointment minus the needle to locate the tumour again. Mean while I have an appointment at Cheltenham hospital in September for the radioactive iodine session.

I really don’t want the radioiodine, Best regards Walke40


Walke40, That sounds good news about the lymph tumour, I think. Hope the scan doesn't find it.

If there are thyCa cells in the body they should take up RAI. I had high dose RAI followed by low dose 5 months later for whole body scan. I didn't have an ill effects other than intermittent mouth dryness a few months later which seems to have resolved. It may not even ave been related to RAI as I have had saliva gland abcess and blockages in the past.

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RAI treatment brought forward.

Just back home from my RAI treament. No sign of a problem at the moment but a sore throat. I took 6 sherbet fountains in with me and a bag of lemon sherbet sweets which certainly kept my saliva flowing. A lonely 3 days in an isolated room with just a TV and a free phone for company. The worst is now I'm out having to keep my distance from my partner and not going to the pub for a least 3 weeks. I still need to travel the 45 miles back to Gloucester hospital next week for the scan and also another to the specialist at Cheltenham hospital the week after, kind of knocks a hole in the pension, over 1000 miles plus the car park so far but if it's a life saver worth every penny.


Walke-40, The nuclear physician told me the restrictions are probably over the top as by the time we're released from isolation the radiation we're giving off isn't much more than normal background radiation everyone is exposed too. The precautions are belt and braces in case 30 years down the line there are new discoveries about radiation effects.

Shame about the pub. Probably ok to sit in the garden and have a pint. Ask when you have your scan next week.

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