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Update after private consultant appointment

Hi... I'm the one with the swollen lymph node, had a meeting with a private guy in Leeds today, he is puzzled as he would straight away suspect thyroid cancer as I also have a hard nodule on my thyroid but he said thyroid cancer doesnt have the symptoms I have - extreme tiredness, hot then cold, just generally can't be bothered with anything. Sending me for CT & MRI scans and more bloods. Follow up appointment next Wednesday. He wants to rule out lymphoma. Has anyone has thyroid cancer with no symptoms at all? Thanks x

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I had extreme tiredness but it doesn't mean you've got thyroid cancer. It's just to say people can have symptoms.


So any ideas what it could be? Bearing in mind the lymph node swelling and lump on thyroid πŸ˜’


No idea, once you've got results I expect the experts will be able to diagnose. It's an anxious time, I know but could turn out to be innocuous. One thing about Thyroid cancer is generally if it extends to lymph nodes it's not necessarily a worse prognosis and thyroid is very treatable. Do something nice to take your mind off things.


Your doctor just wants to check you don't have thyroid cancer which is a good thing.

These are previous posts which may be helpful in the meantime.



What thyroid function tests have you had done? TSH, T4, T3 have you had Vitamins tested B12, Vit D, ferritin, iron, folate. Have you ever had a test for thyroid antibodies? If you ost any test results it might give us some clues!


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