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Hi, I had a hemithyroidectomy about 10 weeks ago to remove a large benign nodule. I was discharged by the hospital (Royal Marsden) but told to get a blood test after 6-8 weeks which I did at my GP surgery. I didn't see a doctor, just booked it myself. The result was TSH 3.34 (0.3-3.94). This was the only test I was offered by the nurse. The GP checked it and said it was OK - he didn't need to see me though it seems quite high in the range and I am having all sorts of symptoms that I didn't have before - lethargy/fatigue, tight calf muscles, mild muscle pain & carpal tunnel-type problems, although I am getting relief from the fatigue by taking a vitamin supplement (Berocca) as suggested here and painkillers for the aching muscles. During the time waiting for the op we moved to a different county and a new GP but I feel I've been left rather high and dry with no info on how to proceed, whether I should be monitored on a regular basis or what's supposed to happen next if anything. I know I should go and see my GP and discuss it with him but needing some moral support, comments, ideas, etc?

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Welcome to the forum, Kay9747.

It's assumed that half a thyroid gland will pick up the slack and produce necessary hormone. Your TSH is almost at the top of the range which indicates your thyroid is failing. Go to your GP and ask for TSH, FT4 and FT3 to be tested. The lab will probably decline to test FT3 unless TSH is <0.03 but it's still worth asking. If TSH is over range, or FT4 below range, you should be prescribed Levothyroxine. Have the blood draw as a fasting test (water only) and early in the morning as TSH is highest then.

It's worth requesting ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are tested at the same time. Low levels can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms and deficiency/low levels are common in thyroid patients.


Thanks Clutter. That TSH test I had was mid-morning after having breakfast so may read higher if I have another early and fast as well. I've made an appt and feel better armed to ask the right questions :-)


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