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Hi was at docs today says I have a goiter so need to go for a scan my thyroid bloods have went from 54 in February to 13.9 she said this is great wen asked about b6 b12 iron says these are all fine and we only work on the tsh so off you pop you will hear from hospital wen to go for scan so came out upset still don't no wot is happinig to me and wot happens to your body if you have a goiter can anyone help angelina

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Angelina50, if it is your TSH which was 54 in Feb and is now 13.9 you are under medicated. TSH should be just above or below 1.0 for most people to feel comfortable. Has FT4 been tested at all and has your dose been increased?

Goitre is a swelling of the thyroid gland. The gland swells to produce more thyroid hormone and high TSH will have been flogging it to do that. Optimal dosing with Levothyroxine can help reduce the size of a goitre.

B6, B12 and iron are nothing to do with the thyroid. Thyroid can be perfect and they can be low and vice versa.


Hi clutter my levo was 50 mg in feb then 75 then 100 and today was put up to 125 and bloods to be done on 8 weeks don't think t4 has been tested as doc says they only worry about tsh and that's what they are concerned about so could my goiter reduce in size with more meds another thing I started biotin for my hair loss but doc says to stop taking it as it might stop my levo from working so don't no what to do



Angelina, dose adjustments are usually in 25mcg increments every 6-8 weeks so it'll take a while to get your TSH down and you'll probably need a further dose increase. There's not much point in testing FT4 when TSH is high as it's bound to be low and your GP is increasing dose which will help raise FT4.

Hairloss is due to hypothyroidism but Levothyroxine can actually make it worse in the first six months. It should improve after your levels are optimal. Biotin can take months to help with hairloss. There's no reason not to take it now but take it 4 hours away from Levothyroxine so it doesn't interfere with absorption.

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Thanks for your help clutter



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