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Tests normal, multiple nodule goiter ???

So I had a scan and have a multi nodule goiter. My bloods came back normal except for vit D deficiency, high gamma gt 65

Free T4 12.6

TSH 2.09

Free T3 4.1

Thyroid function cortisol 170

Thing is I itch, or I call it that, my skin feels like little stabs or pricks unless I live on BENEDRYL my life is unbearable. My cheeks turn bright red especially after five, my heart does palpitations. But I have normal thyroid test?? I am so upset and disappointed. Doc is writing to have me see a cardiologist, and scan again in six month. Who knows. Help??? Please Rita

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Really sorry you had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity....




Rita do you have the lab ref ranges to go with those results? I'd incline to the thought that your TSH would be more comfortable at 1.0 and your FT4 and FT3 are low but can't be sure without ranges.

How deficient is your vitD and have you been prescribed supplements? VitD deficiency can make you very low in mood and cause joint pain and muscle weakness.

Have you had ferritin, B12 and folate tested? Request them if you haven't. They present similar problems to low thyroid and can also make you very fatigued and unwell.


Vit D is 26.76. Nmol 50-<200

TSH 2.09 uU/ml 0.35 - 4.50

Vit B12 490 ng/L 180 - 914

Serum folate 16.0 ng/mL >3.0

Is that what you mean Clutter??

Thanks honey, I am none the wiser, and even tho my Endo was nice to me he didn't tell me much. I told him that I had really bad palpations he is writing to my GP for me to see cardiologist. Scan again in six months. I really dread seeing the GP because I went straight to private when I found that lump on my thyroid. Hope I gave you the correct info. Thank you x


Ps my Endo did not offer me any kind of help/medicine for feeling like I do.


Your vitD is insufficient but I'm not sure it's low enough for NHS to prescribe a loading &/or maintenance dose. If not, you should look at supplementing around 5,000iu-10,000iu daily for a month then reduce to 5,000iu daily and ask for a retest.

In Nov my vitD was <10 and I was prescribed 40,000iu daily for 7 days and then 2,000iu daily for 2 months by which time it was 116. I stopped for a month but joint pain and muscle weakness resumed so I'm currently supplementing 5,000iu daily until the summer and will resume in Autumn unless bloods are high in range <250.

I'd supplement your B12 with 1,000mcg or 2,000mcg daily, something like Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin, available in health shops or Amazon (please use pinned affiliate link). Your folate looks ok.

Please ask for your ferritin to be tested. Low iron can make you feel rubbish.

I don't know what electrical pricks causing red cheeks are but it doesn't sound like rosacea which causes greasy lumpy skin. Strange that it comes on in late afternoon. I don't know your age but is a menopause blood test in order? If not, perhaps you could get a referral to a dermatologist?


Not menopause, pretty sure I am past all that. I took ten vit D pills yesterday, made me so sick to my stomach. My Edno told me to do that. Never again.


Have you been checked for antibodies? I'm new to this, I'm really just checking if my GP should have been keeping more of an eye on my thyroid because of my PBC, so I've only just been looking on here for the last few days, but I seem to remember from a post here, that readings can be normal when antibodies are present.


Honey I do not have a clue about anything, I am new too. Just trying to get my head round all of it. X x


Hi Gritty,

You're right that people can have autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimot's) with normal TSH, FT4 and FT3. Happened to me but I also presented with a lovely big lump which led to further investigation and diagnosis.

BTA and RCP guidelines recommend Levothyroxine treatment when TSH is 10 unless thyroid antibodies are present when treatment can commence at TSH5.

Most people would feel cut off at the knees at 5, let alone 10, and recent USA and European guidelines suggest Levothyroxine should prescribed >3.


Okay, well if no one with more understanding of general thyroid conditions - as well as Hashimotos - calls in here to give more advice, then I'd have a look on here for posts specifically about Hashimotos and antibodies. I could be wrong, but I think it's worth checking. I'm sure that somewhere, on here, in the last few days, I've read that you can have antibodies affecting your thyroid, and yet still have 'normal' [I realise that's a loaded word given the way that some GPs seem to interpret it] thyroid readings. Check out all you can, and failing any other advice on here, maybe contact Thyroid Uk direct. I'd also consider asking your GP to do an antibodies test. I do hope you get sorted. I half have a couple of conditions and seem to have many of the negatives yet not much sympathy.


Thanks honey I will check this out. It is weird how doctors just wanna say ooohhhh 20 percent of all women have this...but they don't want to investigate more. It is sad and I know I am in for a hell of a ride. Yes no sympathy from docs that is for sure. Hope you can sort yours honey thanks for taking the time to write me. X


Yes, I have thyroglobulin antibodies at almost 100 times over normal range, but my TSH & T4 are just in range and I have been refused treatment. I have been off work sick for over 8 weeks so far.


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