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Have you had a goiter that has gone away without treatment?

Hi all, I am new here really love to hear your experiences....

About 3 months ago I was feeling really stressed with work and feeling mega run down, when complaining of a sore throat my friend noticed I had a lump on my neck. So I went to the GP and she said it was a 'simple goiter' as my thyroid was enlarged - just one of those things, not to worry. She didn't feel my neck or seem that concerned as she said she thought it might be viral infection causing it ?! She did send me for a Thyroid blood test & Ultrasound Scan just to check. Only just had them done though...

Blood test result :

TSH serum result was 'normal' = 3.4 (range 0.5-5.0)

Thyroid scan:

Showed a small cyst 4mm (sounds quite big to me !?!) My GP said the report says' it is a 4mm fluid filled cyst. Thyroid is generally enlarged. No focal points? Nothing notable.'

Generally I feel fine, no symptoms now. The work stress is resolved and I am in good health Throat feels fine but still have a large goiter!! :)

I have lost weight, but I have been on a very diet for past 6 months. I had put on weight in last 2 years, after changing from a very active job on my feet all day to a desk job working with a load of feeders sitting all day in an office!!! As none of my clothes fitted, I have slowly cut out the cakes at work, no takeaways, no cocktails & vino..very restrained so I'm now back to my normal fighting weight!!! I also came off the pill, 6 months ago. Which in the past I have put on weight when I am on it ;)

So anyway getting back to my question....

I asked my GP if the thyroid cyst is causing the enlarged thyroid. She said 'no' and it should go away in the next few months. I just wanted to find out if anyone has had a goiter that has gone away without any treatment?

(I'm female aged 30..'normal' weight for my tall height, 9 1/2 stone BMI 19.6... when I put on weight put on about 1 &1/2 stone, taking me to 11 stone, which actually still kept me in a normal BMI 22.9 which is crazy really that the healthy range is so vast.)


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Hi Several points seem to me. Did you have a biopsy for the cyst under ultra sound by a specialist radiologist? other wise, impossible to be sure what it is. For a "proper" diagnosis you need a T4 and Free T3 test. Although you feel well, this may be a benign nodule, mostly associated with autoimmune thyroid disease. It does start gradually, so you may not have noticed that you are being affected. When I started treatment many years ago ( now known to be Hashimoto) , only my Free T3 was very low. The correct 3 tests always done then now all about costs. You can have them on line, if difficult GP, but try the GP first. Personally I would also find a good endo and ask to be referred to them. Good endo`s do not just go by bloods and then usually do the 3 and other connected tests.All symptoms often the same ,Hypo and Hyper, unusual but can be, also need not have lost weight etc, bodies are peculiar and do their own thing!

I hope that helps


Not sure if you know, to reply to a specific post, click on"reply to this" under the post..


Thanks Jackie... I do think it is a cost thing, the GP seems not at all concerned but I had seen her about having a ear infection which was quite bad before and she was so blase, of the `come back in a week if its no better` type GP. I only go to the doctor when I really gave to, so had to push her to examine me then, and give me some treatment.

I have not had a biopsy, not been suggested so not sure if my cyst is suitable? I don't know if I should try find someone private to go see for a second opinion, get the more detailed blood tests, but the problem is if my GP thinks its fine then it ,makes it hard to get referred.

Maybe I should say to my GP I have private medical insurance and see if that changes her treatment route if its not the NHS paying !?

In some ways I prefer to told I'm fine,but as you say I suspect it is something which is starting slowly. All my life I have very easily put on weight and have to be soo strict to maintain.

I do at the moment feel fine but I have a massive lump on my neck which has not gone away - this goiter!!! , Ok being vain but it is not very nice, feel self conscious. I now have a neck obsession looking for it on others all the time ;) Weird to have a goiter and a cyst and still the GP say nothing wrong... I wonder if they just do not know, care or the wait and see attitude is cost saving measure. I am sure GPS get loads of time wasters which make them get sympathy fatigue to us worrying !? I do worry though, its my nature.

Thanks for your answer :) louie


Hi Regarding cysts, i have an extremely serious condition called Polycystic kidney and liver disease, this means lots of cysts. They should all be biopsed, fine needle to check what they are,as only way of telling. As it happened I have a big liver problem at the moment, I had an ultra sound and CT scan, very bad bloods, hard lump sticking out. I have the top Hepatologist in the country liver. Unfortunately as so many co-morbiidities, too dangerous to have a biopsy, very suspicious but for me , I cannot any way have cancer treatment. Cancer is likely for me.We are guessing an hoping tat it is just a very large, bleeding collapsed cyst. However, I am not suggesting yours is, far from it, but the only way for a real diagnosis, ( I actually also see the top radiologist in the country) is by biopsy. If it should b nasty you could need treatment, not possible without identifying it.

Do not know where you live but I see my endo privately, brilliant and lovely lady, or find one near you. If any use , she is Leamington Spa let me know, details only allowed by PM.There are also ways of finding good ones near you, not the GP`s choice but yours after research. look up private hospitals , near you. Most give a lot of details and often have their own CV on the WEB, cross reference.I find all my brilliant consultants like this. if some one you know recommends , good but still check them out. Priory are best for tests, higher tec, unless London, lots there Tell GP you want a private referral to,,,,,,usually not a problem, you will with insurance be able to have all the tests etc. Mine, and most, if asked will tell the GP what to do and drugs etc, usual ,provided they are a consultant ( not a private doc),as all also work NHS, or retired NHS. I do not think you need to panic, problem probably just autoimmune, I have very enlarged thyroid and nodules ( need biopsy) not possible for me.I have Hashimoto, voice and swallowing terrible. However, do sort some one out. Thyroid complex and endo has such a range of knowledge as such a wide speciality You need a referral for thyroid any way, regardless of cyst..

Hope this helps, or get back to me.



Thank you I think I will find a private Endo. I live south London surrey borders so I will research. There is so much info online it blows my mind,but I think it is best to be involved in our own treatment and know we are informed. Sounds like you are !!!

I feel my GP has not given me a good enough picture- wonder if I can get a copy of my scan results too I will try !!!

Positive thoughts ..:) I am no easy `new age` but do think our stress & worry levels affect our health. I know out is impossible not to over think things and fear the worst !! X



I found this because the same happened to me and the more I read the more I believe it was stress that caused my goiter.

I had had a very stressful situation at work and very shortly after I noticed the lump on the left bottom side of my neck (front).

I rushed to the doctor. Blood tests showed normal functioning of the thyroid. Ultrasound detected a lump inside the thyroid.

The doctor sent me to a specialist where I would be doing a biopsy which I absolutely DID NOT want. One or two weeks later the goiter started to shrink until it completely disappeared. I never went for that biopsy. A couple of years have gone by.

Now I have a stupid lump behind my ear :(

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

PS: I hope your situation has been resolved.


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