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I have been on NDT since Feb 2015 one grain. I was taking 1 1/4 for a month April but started struggling so reduced back to 1 grain. I was worried taking to much because I have lost 1 1/2 stone since Christmas and the last month constant heartburn, nothing on endoscopy, now taking supplements for low stomach acid, constant anxiety. The results today are TSH 0.295 (0.270-4.2) FT4 11.7 (12-22) FT3 4.5 (3.1-6.8) Results before treatment last October (same ranges) TSH 4.560 FT4 13.78 FT3.5. Does FT4 drop because on NDT? Any advice on the results would be appreciated.

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Hi maycov, your TSH is fine - but irrelevant - your FT4 is low because your taking NDT, but your FT3 is below mid-range, which is too low to feel well on. You really do need an increase in NDT.

May I ask in what way you were struggling?

The anxiety and low stomach acid are probably due to your low T3. But as you have low stomach acid, you will have difficulty absorbing, so all the more reason to increase your dose.

Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin tested? These will more than likely be low due to your low stomach acid, and they need to be optimal for you to be abke to use the hormone you're taking. B12 should be about 1000 - ignore the silly ranges - and the rest at least mid-range. Also, if your nutrients are low, that will give you symptoms - especially B12 - and make you feel even worse.

Hugs, Grey


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