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I have been on NDT since Feb started slowly up to 1 grain 21 April. TSH 4.69 before starting then TSH 0.67. Was told by endocrinologist to increase to 1 1/4 grain. My problem is I have lost over 1 1/2 stone since starting NDT and have bad heartburn. I had endoscopy yesterday all normal. My appetite has diminished. Any advice welcome. I intend getting tested today FT3, FT4 and TSH but have not taken NDT for 2 days now. Will results still be usable. Intend to then see endocrinologist again at weekend with results.

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Maybe, as you were quite hypo with a raised tsh, your stomach acid could be very low. This would mean the food is just passed straight through your stomach and rots in your gut, rather than being properly absorbed. Would give you heartburn.

Worth having a look at this link.....


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How were you on 1 grain? It's not a good idea to stop your meds completely (which I'm guessing is what you've done?) You will feel worse, and soon. It is a good idea to have the blood test as early in the morning, before taking thyroid meds for the day. You might have skewed the results a bit by not taking your meds for 2 days but work with what you've got :-)

Were you losing weight on 1 grain? A lot of people put on weight when they are UNDER medicated. Obviously this weight loss worries you - but your body may just be adjusting to a better level of medication. I'm guessing you weren't big to start with? Have you passed the weight you were when your thyroid first went on the fritz?

Is your TSH the only blood work your doctor did? That is just plain irresponsible - especially when you're starting on NDT.

Take some form of thyroid medication. 1 grain - even threequarters or a half of a grain - pending getting to see a medical professional.

And keep a diary of how you are - for the Endo, and for your thyroid journey. You won't remember with any clarity. And how you did this will be very useful information to you down the road.


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