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Will any Endos prescribe t3 if you already have osteoporosis?

After reading an article nahypothyroidism.org/deiodi... hypo with chronic pain it suggests treating this with t3 supplementation, but as I already have osteoporosis would this be advisable and would any Endo prescribe this?

Also have any of you experienced an improvement in chronic pain with hypo which was helped with levothyroxine?

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Lizbie, There's no reason not to prescribe T3 because someone has osteoporosis. T3 wouldn't make it any worse than Levothyroxine would. It will be up to the individual endo whether or not to prescribe T3.

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If you have osteoporosis do not take biphosphonates or you will land up with jaw necrosis

Better to take strontium ranealate see sarah myhill's website


Hello lizbe,

Doctors are told to give Levothyroxine as a thyroid hormone replacement and T3 is extremely difficult to get prescribed (cost).

As your very interesting article points out T3 will help with physiologic and emotional stress, depression, dieting and obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, inflammation, autoimmune disease, or systemic illness.

The article is proving how standard thyroid tests often do not reflect the thyroid status in the tissues of the body (apart from the pituitary) once again proving how useless the TSH test used alone really is.

The addition of T3 to T4 medication would definitely help with your oesteoporosis, even if indirectly. It's the getting of T3 in the first place which is the problem.


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