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Any endos prescribing/recommending T3?


If anyone can recommend an endo (preferably in Central England but will travel if necessary) I am looking for someone who is not averse to prescribing/approving T3 for those who can no longer tolerate T4. My GP is referring me to an NHS endo and I fear the outcome. I used to go to Dr Peatfield but since he is now a nutritionist only, I doubt his recommendation would cut any ice with the GP/CCG. If an endo recommends continued T3 I should still be able to get it prescribed on the NHS even though my local pharmacy (attached to the surgery) will no longer supply it.

All ideas gratefully received.

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My GP sent me to an NHS endo who was very agreeable to keeping my prescriptions of liothyronine going. He wrote to my CCG in support of continuing me on liothyronine therapy only, but I still got a refusal. So I wouldn't be too optimistic....... Sorry to be such a downer !!!

scorp1o in reply to Pixielula

It's a real battle isn't it? Whereabouts are you? I'd like the name of your endo in case the one they send me to isn't helpful! They have acknowledged that if an endo says ok, they will carry on prescribing.

Pixielula in reply to scorp1o

I'm in Somerset ..... But I was told that also! It has taken a whole year of extreme stress and lots of app with GP and endo and an application and a second application and appeal. I think if the queen herself gave me a perscription my CCG would refuse it.........

OMG. Sounds like I may be in for a right battle - again..... :(

Pixielula in reply to scorp1o

Yeah..... I think you may, but I wish you good luck. I wonder if there is anyone who's CCG has actually upheld the application for funding. It would be interesting to find out

Do you have the TUK endo list?

I'm under the impression that Dr P would tell you how to get t3. Since my source dried up I can't help but someone here should be able to email you about that.

What I need is an official endo recommendation to be on T3 and he wouldn't do for that as the CCG wouldn't recognise him. But I'll check out that list. Thanks.

The CCG refused because I didn't prove "exceptionality" but it really is word gobbledegook so they can stop the perscriptions. I was on 60mcg at a cost of £750 a month.....

Sorry no idea on that one..... I only discovered the cost when I asked lloyds pharmacy what it would cost me on a private script..... £756 a month, for the rest of my life, could buy a couple of houses for that!!

Where is s/he?


Boots was the same...

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