Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any info about buying armour/t3/levothyroxine online?

I went private two years ago to get treated for hypo but GPS and endo refuse this diagnosis because tsh is normal.

Unfortunately the private doctor I see passed away so want to look into buying online.

I have tried levothyroxine on its own, with t3 and now with armour. Not sure what is best treatment yet.

I would really appreciate your views on where I can buy.

Thank you x

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  • Hi I am sure some one will send you a PM with these details. I have my armour and T3 on a script. I ave extremely low natural FT3. However, for most people Armour is enough. It is much cheaper that T3 which is very expensive if not from GP.So if a low cheaper abroad, personally I would be suspicious.

    Please be sure to have plenty of tests for the tSH, T4 and Free T3, to keep you as safe as possible.

    Best wishes,


  • Answers by PM only please.

    Moggie x

  • Hi there, I haven't got any advice but I am in the same position as you, because I was diagnosed by Dr S with a normal TSH, and now my doctor is refusing to treat as she never agreed with dx. Could I be sent a pm with the details too?

    Have you decided to self treat? Were you diagnosed orginally by your private doc? (I assume it is dr S?)

    Sorry to hijack your post OP, but I hope you find the answer to your question soon.

    Louise x

  • Thanks Jackie, will try to keep a check on bloods. Unfortunately GPS only tend to do tsh, t4 if lucky.

    I was taking t3 and lab refused to check at GPS request. A bit fed up with it all really.

    I only asked for armour instead of t3 because t3 cost me over £300 for 9 weeks and that was just starting doses.

    Lulu, yup it was dr S and he diagnosed me. Did he treat you too? only seen him 10 days before he passed so can't afford to go see someone else. So yes thinking about just doing it myself. What are your plans? Do GPS and endos refuse to accept your treatment? What do you take?

    Seen endocronologist few days ago, where I just got upset, which i knew I would as she was not interested in how I felt, more interested in a tsh. She couldn't answer any of my questions regarding the logic surrounding diagnosis and treatment. Scared about buying online but I have read that loads do with no problem. Any advice gratefully appreciated. X

  • We have a list of Private GPs, NHS Endos and Private Endos - some of whom are willing to prescribe Armour - email me if you would like the information - louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org



  • Hi could i have a list please

  • Hi Annie

    You will need to email me louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org



  • Hi there, yes I was treated by dr s, he put me on levo when he diagnosed me in august. I saw him two weeks ago and he was going to write to my gp to recommend armour, unfortunately my gp won't prescribe as she doesn't agree with him. she has also stopped my Levo too. It didn't work for me, but I still would have liked the choice. I am not under a Endo as my gp won't reffer due to normal tsh, how did U get a referral? Did U have abnormal bloods at any point? How long did U see dr s for? Did he diagnosis you with normal tsh? in the same boat as you, unsure what to do.

    it must be difficult to think of going private again as it is expensive, but it might be a safer option. Although there are members of this forum who self treat, so it is possible. Its a scary thought though taking meds without a Drs guidance.

    Im sorry to hear that your Endo has been unhelpful,must be frustrating. Would your Endo not prescribe you anything?

    Sorry I can't be of more help to you, but if its any comfort I can relate to your situation. I hope you don't mind me asking you questions. I certainly wouldn't want to steer your post off course! Maybe I should private message you?


  • Of course I don't mind you asking questions. Suppose we need to learn from each other.

    Your g.p sounds useless :( it's so difficult!

    Sounds like I am in exact same situation as yourself. I seem dr S April 2012 and he prescribed levothyroxine which my gp then continued to prescribe, very unwillingly though as tsh is normal. They would only prescribe 100mcg and got extra 25mcg from dr S. suppose they wont prescribe any now that dr S died. I felt better but then got pregnant and felt awful again. Dr skinner then prescribed t3 which I had for 9 weeks but cost over £300 couldn't continue with it. So i asked dr S for armour instead as cheaper. while waiting on armour i increased levo to 175 and felt better so dont know if i just needed more levo. Although bald patches grew in after being on t3 but felt a bit jittery at times. suppose its just trial and error. Gp refered me to endo after dr S wrote to them informing them of me being on t3. At least they refered me despite having normal bloods. Although it was just to pass the buck! endo informed me tsh was 5.8 in 2006 and t4 20 something which I never got a copy off as thought I had all my blood results. Doesnt really make sense how only time my tsh was raised was when i had the highest t4! I thought my tsh had always been around 1.5 with t4 of 10-12. Endo wouldn't prescribe anything, ordered bloods to check ferritin, folate, b12, ck which supposedly shows up if u have muscle weakness. She asked if I would come off treatment for 6 weeks and then do bloods to get a baseline but I couldn't. Even if it did come back hypo I would never get right treatment anyway.

    I have felt unwell since I had glandular fever 10 years ago. Sorry for long winded story! Haha.

    How long have you been feeling unwell for? Did Levo not help, what dose where you on? Have you had t3 checked? Are u not I. Any treatment now? I would say to go back to your gp but think it will be pretty pointless as yours sounds as ignorant as most if them. X

  • Did you get info I sent about buying online? X

  • Yes i did :) what are your thoughts? X

  • I am going to buy from sources suggested and try to work out what is best for me. What do you think? Thinking of funding another doctor? Havnt looked into who there is, perhaps a private endo? X

  • *finding.

  • by the way, i saw in a post from you that your considering ordering t3 too. it seems very affordable from that website didn't it? I hope it all works well for you xxx

  • Hello there, I apologise for my late reply, been feeling foggy headed and tired ! anyway I am seriously thinking about purchasing them as they seem to be a reliable source. I have requested a copy of Dr S's letters to my GP, as i'm hoping that he stated what dose he wants me to take on there. (can't remember!) he did want me to take it with levothyroxine, but I feel i want to just try armour now. I am going to wait until I know what I should be taking, and then must probably order some Armour. I might even contact a private doctor via telephone, (if thats a option?) like Dr P, and seek advice...

    Like yourself I cannot afford to see a private doc, i was already making sacrifices to see Dr S. Did you email Louise for the list, there's quite a few options on there?I wonder if there's one near you?

    Have you ordered from the sites then? what are your thoughts about this? x

  • Please could you pm me about buying NDT online as I too saw Dr Skinner, bless him, and now lost!

  • I will send you a link via private message, if you haven't had it already.


  • Hello! Could you please pm me as well about ordering NDT online, I am so lost without Dr. S.. Thank you in advance!

  • I'm lost without him too :-( I can't help you with your Armour problem though, sorry. Just wanted to share! xx

  • Hi Karinad, please can you PM the information about where to buy online? Thanks.

  • Hi, sorry for my late reply, thanks for sharing your story. It has been lovely talking to you so far, and it feels comforting to know we are in the same position here.

    It sounds like youve been through alot :( it must be frustrating when your GP and endo don't support you like this, I know the feeling! My GP has ceased my treatment because it was a 'theraputic trial' and it hasn't worked, so I don't really have a leg to stand on at the moment! I do hope that your GP has a different responce.

    In regards to your Endo, its anoying that they are not prescribing, but I guess its positive that they are testing for ferritin etc, these things run along side thyroid problems, so i guess this would give you a updated picture.Good for you for not agreeing to come off treatment, that would certainly prove to be a step backwards!

    It's interesting that your TSH was high a few years ago, makes you wonder why they didn't treat it before! Anyway your average TSH is similar to mine, which is 2.5 before treatment. That is 'normal', but Dr S commented that my t4 of 9.8 was low for someone not on treatment. My GP obviously disagrees with this!! Did he pick up on anything for you on the physical examination? Dr S said my tongue and left thyroid gland was swollen, he wondered why my gp hadn't picked up on this.. the simple answer is she didn't try!

    Anyway do you think your glandular fever may have contributed to your hypo?Also just to clarify, Dr Skinner was the one to diagnose and put you on treatment right? Sorry my brain is foggy! In answer to your question,I took levo 100mcg for 3 months and saw no improvement. Although it was early days, I had a chat with Dr S, when I saw him a fortnight ago, and he said I could add some armour to my Levo.

    I also started looking into my bloods, ferrtin was 35.7 (lower side), and b12 was low,but not deficent, so I am wondering if deficencies may be affecting my progress. I take a range of supplements now, including vitamin D, I feel like a run a pharmacy at the moment! hehe!

    Do you take any supplements? Have you had low iron, b12 etc in the past? When I spoke to dr S, he wasnt that concerned about these, but I have read on here and internet that it is vital to have good levels of vitamins for uptake of t3 in cells. I've been also thinking about looking into cortisol.. Dr S said these heal with proper treatment, but would still like to know if i'm deficent, have you though about this?

    My levo's been stopped now, running out this week. So I have requested from my doctors surgery, a copy of Dr Skinners corrisponce with my GP, as he wrote all the information and advice for meds on there. I don't know if its worth you obtaining these too, as your own prove of your diagnosis?

    I am thinking about joining another Gp surgery, as this is one of the nicer doctors in my surgery, most of them were awful! It seemed once I had a depression diagnosis, that was it, on anti-d's that dont work for rest of my days :(

    Anyway I look forward to hearing from you soon about what your next plan of action is. Sorry for long reply too!

    Take care,


  • It's so frustrating but I'm sure you feel the same. I totally expect gp to stop all treatment, prob best anyway as they would never give me right treatment. Prob best for you too, we need to educate and treat ourselves. At end if day, we know how we feel the best!

    It ridic, do they think that if u take 25mcg of Levo your bloods are gonna come back hyper. I explained to the endo that I have never had one hyper symptom, she said that doesn't mean I'm not hyper. It may take time to manifest!

    Yeh I have thought about all these; cortisol, ferritin ect, the whole adrenal thing but don't think it's issue with me. You think could be issue with yourself? I seem to pick up at night which some say is sign or adrenal fatigue! Confusing!

    Yeh, enlarged tounge, puffy and swollen, dry skin, weak slow pulse, low temp.

    I'm confused as some days I feel better and others I don't, don't know if it's just going to be normal to have bad days even though being optimally treated? Some have said that hypo symptoms;dull heavy ache and exhaustion can be sign of hoer too? Dr S said no when I asked!

    Did u not find any improvement with Levo? Any ill side effects? Maybe just not high enough dose for you. What wee your results on 100 mcg? Good luck with changing surgery but don't think there are many G.ps that would diagnose us hypo :(

    I phoned to ask for all by bloods I have ever had done as thought I had them but obs not when endo told me tsh in 2006. Never thought to ask for correspondence but defo gonna ask on mon now, thanks :) they are going to hate me. I'm a nurse and actually work with the surgery so find it really awkward :( x

  • We have a list of Private GPs, NHS Endos and Private Endos - some of whom are willing to prescribe Armour - email me if you would like the information - louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org



  • Louise could I email you about this list too please?

  • Yes of course... :) x

  • Thanks Lou for sending me info x

  • Me too please.. have messaged you but not sure if its sent as a reply to your message... thanks.. x

  • Hi

    You will need to email me louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org



  • Please can you forward a list to me of any Endos or GPs who would prescribe Armour as I'm still very ill after a year on T4/T3 and after 28yrs on T4 I would like to come off it completely and try NDT..

    My Endo is reluctant to put my T3 up and also my GP, who I talked to today, leaving me feeling like I want to scream. They both want to put me back on AD's which took me so long to come off and never helped me at all.. but thought I needed them as I was told I did..for the past 16yrs.. Im at my wits end!! I don't drive so no point in sending names of anyone in London, unless I can just have a phone consultation without having to see in person...

    Thanks Louise x

  • I am so sorry to hear how much you've been struggling, you must feel so frustrated with it all. I am sure that you will receive the list soon,but if you don't i am happy to forward you my email from Louise. The list contacts Dr's from around the country, so you may have one near to you. I can relate to you about doctors wanting to put your on anti-depressants, I have been on so many types for a few years, and none have helped, this was before I knew anything about thyroid problems. Like you, I don't want to go down the route again. Be assertive, you know they don't work, thyroid problems cause many psychiatric disturbances such as chronic depression. I had to learn this too :(

    Anyway I hope you find the way through this, and feel better soon.

    Lou x

  • Many cannot afford private prescriptions. It is daunting when u first start managing your own health,but in my experience the nhs is a health hazard. I wish i had taken control earlier. Get your own private test for t3,4 and tsh. Start on a low dose of ndt and build up if needed according to symptoms. Find a reliable online supplier,there are several. As security, u can get a private script once a year or so. You dont need an endo for ndt, private gps will prescribe. I can recommend 1 in london. Trust me, it is very reassuring once nhs gps no longer hold your health hostage.

  • Thank you. It's just crazy that levothyroxine is all that is given when there are so many more options. Anyone could diagnose hypothyrodism by a high tsh. Easy, but it's just not that simple. G.Ps just seem to regurgitate info from guidelines with out having any actual knowledge! I will look into private gps thanks. Haha, health being held hostage is how it feels. X

  • Hi I saw Dr Skinner a few months ago , so sorry he has passed away. Could you please PM me about private doctor in London and also online suppliers? I feel so much better on NDT and cant return to Levo...

  • Hi

    You will need to email me for docs louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org



  • Hi, please could you pm me the details of the private GP in London? Thank you.

  • You will need to email me for details - louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org

  • I am similarly considering self-med as i have suffered long enough with ill health;tsh 'normal' but v high antibodies.Can anyone PM me about buying NDT online(i was thinking of T3 as an option but now that i read its v expensive...cant afford it.!)Thanks alot.

  • T3 is a lot cheaper via online, will email link. Think about £30 for 100 of 25mcg tabs. Im going to buy them to maybe add half to armour. Normal tsh? Well u must be normal, pwhaaaa! Good luck x

  • Hi, after reading your conversation earlier and after speaking to my gp on the phone earlier today but getting no nearer to getting well, I wonder if you could PM me with any info you have of getting armour or any other NDT product online please. I was eventually given T3 a year ago from my Endo but I'm not getting enough and my GP wont increase the dose as she knows nothing about it and just says she has to find out more from her colleagues. I am so fed up of being ignored about my symptoms and want to come off T4 altogether and try armour with the T3 I'm getting on prescription...

    I would be so greatfull if you could let me know how I could get armour either online or from any GP local to me...I live in Daventry nr Northampton and don't drive.

    I hope to hear from you very soon..

    Thanks .. Sylv x sylvindav@hotmail.com

  • Ditto!! I've been getting worse and worse altho given T3 a year ago but my endo and GP wont put them up to a level that helps my ongoing symptoms.. If you get any info from anyone re buying Armour or any other NDT online, could you please PM me and pass the details onto me...

    Im so glad I saw your conversation on here and look forward to hearing from you shortly..

    Thanks... Sylv x sylvindav@hotmail.com

  • Can't seem to get your name to come up when trying to send you info. Unless other way of doing it? X

  • I will pm you all with info I have been sent soon. X

  • Hi karinad

    Can you please PM me too with all the info on T3 and NDT. My daughter saw Dr. Skinner twice, she is on 175mcg levo and Dr. S was going to add T3 if there was not any improvement when she was due to see him in January. Dr. S did write to her G.P. regarding this but she is now panicing as she knows the G.P. will not prescribe it

    Many thanks

  • Not sure if I have replied to everyone who has requested info. Please let me know. X

  • Please can you give me the information as well thanks

  • Hi karinad

    Yes I received your reply, many thanks, my daughter will feel so much better knowing she can get the meds needed. Hope you do well on whichever meds you decide on.

    Best Wishes

  • Cloud I cannot get your name to come up to send you info. Don't know if there is other way of doing it? Sorry x

  • Just click on the name cloud where they have posted. Or click on their icon. That takes you to their activity page, at the right there is a Send a message button.

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