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Have you seen any of these Endos? Recommendations please x

Has anyone seen any of these Endos and could recommend them? This is the list I have been given by the health insurance company of endos in my area that are approved. (Hampshire/west susex)

None are on the thyroid UK list : (

Dr Jimmy S Li Voon Chong

Dr Stephen J Cleland

Dr Michael H Cummings

Dr Deborah Ruth Bosman

Dr David Rew

Mr Gavin T Royle

Dr Partha Kar

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Google them one by one. I just did.

Quite a few are NHS consultants- how ironic. Quite a few have interest in diabetes mosty and some other thyroid unrelated fields and a couple are breast surgeons (?).

Huh.... Very interesting reading LOL


Thank you for looking, yes I did the same and was a bit worried too.

Il look a bit further into the few that have thyroid experience.

Just worried i will see them and they be as unhelpful as nhs and i would have got no further.

Many thanks

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I saw the first doctor on your list and thought he was pretty good. He seemed open to discussing things I had read about here on Thyroid UK and actually gave me a prescription for T3 on top of the levothyroxine I was already taking but my GP wouldn't fill it. I saw him privately - on health insurance - but he was recommended by the GP!!! (so go figure about not filling the prescription). But that gave me the confidence to buy my own T3 abroad (in Greece).

He also said to keep him informed how I was getting on with going gluten free with respect to lowering the antibody attacks.

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Thank you so muchxxx

I’m due to see dr Bosman for the first time early next month; NHS, at my local hospital

I needed a fresh start for my endocrinologist relationship and my understanding of Addison’s (and how I’m to be monitored) and hopefully my thyroid situation too

I can let you know how I go? (By pm)

Don’t know the others (my normal endocrinologist not on your list)

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Good luck, hope it all goes well. Thanks for the message


Dr. Partha Kar is a consultant endocrinologist. His speciality is diabetes. He tweets extensively about diabetes but I've never seen him mention thyroid or adrenals.

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