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need Porcine NDT's

the stuff we have been using was bovine DT from chiropractor and we can't buy enough to get it to work well enough as the porcine NDT, here in the US we have to have a doctor prescribe it. problem is were we are at none are willing not even the endocrinologist. they can't seem to realize that the numbers are where they are due to the bovine NDT but they are not high enough. from my studies the normal and most efficient level is to have the T4 in the mid range and the T3 in the upper range an need the other T1 & T2 as well as the subsequent hormones and iron as well as adequate iodine. how can I get this without the stupid doctors denials? I actually asked the pain clinic Dr. if he really had to have a degree to be that stupid! please help me, how can I get the NDT?

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Yes, porcine is closer to human than bovine which is weaker. You have a private message which you can click on the 1 next to your name above.


It is not imperative to be on ndt. You sound like a STTM reader/follower, i was at one time. ndt made me very ill. It does not contain t1 or t2..check the manufacturers websites..t1 and t2 come from conversion. Iodine can flare Hashi's.


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