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Armour reformulated again?

I have read several posts stating that Armour is more or less back to how it used to be before the unappreciated 2009 reformation, but has that been confirmed by the manufacturer, or is it just patients thinking it works better? I am not saying patients' opinion should not count; it's just that I read a few years ago that Forest Pharmaceuticals (manufacturer of Armour back then) stated that they would not go back to the old formula, no matter how many complaints they got...that is why I feel a bit confused, since many say they are doing fine on Armour these days...but I have not been able to find any official confirmation of another reformulation (more or less back to the old formula).

Those of you who are doing better/well on Armour these days, do you chew the pills up? Are they crunchy? Do they taste sweet? Those of you who were on it right after the 2009 reformulation, do you notice any difference compared to how it works now?

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This is a link from someone who took Armour a few months ago.


Thanks. I was told by a pharmacy in Belgium recently that they are unable to get Armour anymore, and that only Erfa is available...


I get my own Armour and am really well on it....especially compared to Levo on its own. Nothing wrong with Armour that I can feel. I've been taking it since April 2014 I had a total thyroidectomy 40+ yrs ago and am on 2.5 grains of Armour. T3 is at the very top of range and TSH is very suppressed. I feel great!



May I ask if that is still the case?


I've only been taking Armour for 12 months or so and haven't noticed any difference at all. I first bought the 1 grain tabs and after settling on 2 grains a day bought 2 grain tabs and then bought 4 grain tabs and cut them in half to save money but quite honestly it's a pita to cut them so now only buy the 2 grain tabs. I have never noticed any difference between any of the size tabs as far as how they work. Thank heavens for NDT!

Hope that's helps.



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