How is Erfa Thyroid working nowadays?

Those of you on Erfa, do you find it to work better than right after the reported problems a couple of years ago? Or did you never have any problems to begin with? I know there is a lot of into on the STTM about this but I think it's too biased and therefore would prefer to hear from people here who are actually on Erfa (if I remember correctly, the STTM moderators all decided to boycott Erfa at some point). Did you need to raise it after production was moved from Belgium to Spain (pointing to some sort of reformulation affecting its absorption)?

Just out of curiosity: how many of you on Erfa used to be on Armour (before it was reformulated)?


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  • I would be really interested in feedback. Am currently on nature thyroid but customs becoming a nightmare and I have prescription for ERFA from Belgium which is really straightforward for delivery and price much cheaper.

  • Same here...the pharmacy in Belgium I have ordered from in the past carries Erfa in 500 ct bottles, which makes it much more cost effective than Armour (and possibly even Thai thyroid which I currently order from the UK at a much higher cost than if I had ordered it directly from Thailand). So, taking Erfa would really make life much easier in so many ways...and, I try to tell myself that, even if Erfa changed somehow, that does not necessarily make it bad. The problem with Armour seems to be that the addition of cellulose makes it harder for the body to absorb, as cellulose seems to bind to thyroid hormone, thus decreasing the effectiveness of the drug.

    That's why I'd really love some feedback as well from Erfa users!

  • Yes I have prescription for 500 tabs as well. Just waiting for my naturethroid to run out before I order. Not sure I have much choice but to proceed and hope for the best. The price of naturethroid has rocketed and my packages are always getting stopped...

  • So, Naturethroid seems to have suffered the same fate as Armour...the price of Armour has tripled in the past year or so, and my doctor has patients who could no longer afford it. Anyway, I hope Erfa is still a good enough drug, no matter what the STTM claims...! Are you seeing a doctor in Belgium?

  • Hey im using erfa and feeling great on it! But now its seems to be becoming more and more expensive in Belgium! And harder to get! Ive lost 10 kilos of weight going on erfa and im feeling great! Armour just didnt seem to work for me kind regards Stephanie

  • Interesting...maybe I should give Erfa a chance. It's just that there has been so much written about it not working the same after production was moved from Belgium to Spain a few years back, and how patients switched to other brands of NDT...that it's becoming more and more expensive in Belgium comes as no surprise to me, as Armour has tripled in price in recent years and the reason is said to be that the raw material has become more other brands should be affected as well.

  • I am in Portugal and see a hormone specialist who only works with ERFA. She trained with Dr thierry hertoghe

    I trust her completely.

  • Hi vicksters, How are you doing on ERFA these days?

  • I'm doing fine

    I did notice a difference and quite hypo switching from naturethroid to start with I must be honest but it did balance out after a week or so

    I'm on cynomel as well

  • That must mean that ERFA is it working as it should then - No? It is supposed to have a healthy dose of T3 in it...

  • It depends on the individual

    have been on T3 plus NDT for some time, nothing to do with the brand

    Lots of people are on both actually

    NDT is mainly T4 very little T3

  • I've been on Erfa for 3 years with no problems. I am changing to Thyroid-S in a month when I run out as it is becoming increasingly expensive & harder to buy.

  • Interesting...harder to buy as well? I stumbled upon the webpage of a UK supplier of NDT (requires prescription), and it seems Erfa is completely out of just says "notify me when back in stock", and that goes for all three strengths (30, 60, and 125 mg). I wonder why it's getting increasingly difficult to find...shortage of raw material...?

    Just out of curiosity: can I ask why you opted for Thyroid-S, rather than Thiroyd or TR?

  • I'm not sure why it is getting harder to buy. Thyroid-S is cheap and easy to buy. Also many on here give reports of success on it.

  • OK, thanks, and good luck with Thyroid-S; I hope it turns out to work just as well for you as Erfa:-)

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