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Noisy painful joints

Hi all.

So happy to find this forum it's wonderful!

I'm at the start of my thyroid journey, think it's going to be a long road ahead....

I've started taking a few supplements to help with certain symptoms, iron for anemia and b12 but the thing I'm not sure is for my joints. They are awfully noisy especially hip, jaw, ankles and knees sometimes my ankles lock in position and can be quite painful. What is best? Glucosamine or cod liver oil?

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In your shoes I would ask for a vitamin D test first. It's often deficient in thyroid patients, and improving levels helps lots of people with muscle and joint pain. Once you've been tested ask your doctor for a printout of the result complete with reference ranges, then post it all on the forum. People can tell you how much you need to supplement if you are deficient. Don't worry too much if your doctor says it is "normal", post your results anyway.

If your level is really low and your doctor prescribes a supplement, be aware that they often prescribe tiny little doses that are useless for raising your levels successfully. In the worst cases they don't even prescribe the best kind of supplement. Vitamin D supplements are easily sourced online - Amazon for example - and they aren't expensive in comparison to many other supplements.


Thank you! I have had vit d tested they just said it was fine. I have the doctors again today so I will ask if I can get all my results to date. I feel like I am preparing for battle whenever I go, I dread it so much :-(


They say 'fine' if it's just 'in range', which isn't the same thing as optimal. It needs to be at least mid-range. But doctors Don't understand that.


Hello wally10,

Painful stiff and clicky joints may be caused by an inadequately medicated under active thyroid gland. You need to get your thyroid hormones tested asap.



Hi Wally, I agree with the others. Try to get your level of FT4 and FT3 in the optimal range and also support any deficiencies in the meantime.

I thought being able to touch my toes was good but have read that being too limber is more of a hypothyroid symptom as joints are a bit loose.


Thank you both!

Docs see my Tsh and Ft4 as normal so nothing more they will do so it's upto me to supplement as best I can.

Thank you



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