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Over Medicated or not. Help

T3 - 7.1... Range 3.8 - 6pmol/L - this has been going up for the last two years.

TSH . 0.1...Range 0.38 - 5.6 - I've been 0.5 for the last 2 years, but it's dropped again this time. Can it actually go lower than 0.1 ???

T4 - 16...Range 8-18 - top end, but still in range

Hello everyone

4 months ago I posted the above results and said that my doctor wanted to lower my dose due to my high T3...I argued my case as I felt fine, but I eventually agreed to cut out 1 dose a week (I'm on 50 a day).

6 weeks on and I'm in a right state...I am so tired, I've gained 8lb whilst dieting (!), I'm grumpy and I'm just so down. I have another blood test in 4 weeks, but I am not sure I can continue. My doctor is adamant that my T3 will cause me problems in the long term...maybe I was over medicated, but I could lose weight (if dieting), I had energy and I felt so much better in general.

Suggestions would be great, thank you xxx

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NO history of anything in my family...sadly just me.


Think I'd be in the "so what if my FT3 is slightly over range?" camp. If 50mcg of levo a day meant you felt well, then I'd rather feel well than feel rubbish for years.

Out of interest - I was trawling through your old posts for clues and found the one where you accessed your records on line and found that you'd had a broken collarbone according to your doctors... Even though you never had!

Which got me to wondering - how and when were you diagnosed with hypothyroidism? Do you know if you have Hashimoto's?


I think it was 3 years ago...Ironically I went to a herbiest as I felt unwell and he instantly said it was my thyroid now go to your doctors. Tests were done and it was.

When I look at my past results, my TSH has been suppressed for years and my T4 was low and my T3 was high in 2003. I seem to have had the same ailments for years (Carpel Tunnel, weight gain, stiff joints, chronic sinus problems...even though I had an operation for this in the end). All these went 12 months after I started T4 and I have been VERY lucky compared to some people.

I thought I had hashimoto's but it was ruled out because of my antibodies test??

What difference would that make? I'm not 'up' on the condition.

My collarbone accident (!) has now been removed from my records...whoever it was fell out of a bunk bed!!!! I can assure you that was not me.


If it was Hashimoto's then the high T3 result might be explained by antibodies destroying your thyroid. But if that was the case, I'd expect your FT4 to be overrange too.

Which makes me wonder... You say your FT3 was high in 2003? That makes me think your thyroid hormone levels aren't off because of a malfunctioning thyroid - it sounds more like a potentially malfunctioning pituitary gland.

I think I'd be minded to ask your doctor to refer you to an endocrinologist, if he hasn't already. Do you have any other hormonal issues?


...besides from being a 'walking hormone' haha. I must admit I am fine besides from the obvious and like most women of 49 I'm peri menopausal or just maybe grumpy!

I've just looked at my autoantibodies results and I am very low in the range. 0.6 and the range was 0-9.

I think I will put half a dose back in and see how that goes, I am going to cut my coffee and dairy back...just to help.

I appreciate your help x


You're welcome. To be honest, your results have me a little stumped because we usually see the opposite - higher FT4 and low FT3. But we are all different (despite our doctors trying to persuade us and themselves that lab test results should fall into a certain range).


I've always been a little odd! ironically though, my glands above my thyroid are always tender to touch and slightly swollen....hence I thought Hasimoto's but my results scream pituitary. however, I am thankful this can be many have to just put up with it.


Oh jazz...I've just read of your loss. I am so sorry. Life must be difficult at the moment for you xxx

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Thank you x


My TSH was at <0.05 for over a year and eventually it caught up with me and I hit a brick wall about 3 months ago and have been unable to work since. My FT3 wasn't tested at that point but FT4 was out of range at the top. After reductions I'm gradually getting my body back in balance but it's taking such a long time!

You could try adding a little more to see how you feel. I was feeling the same as you after reduction and this week got the doc to agree to a tiny increase so Ive just bought a pill cutter and am cutting a 25mcg in half to add to my dose. Hopefully that will do the trick. Try ringing the doctor to ask, you don't want to confuse things further by having your next blood test results skewed!

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I was thinking of trying this...not sure a 25 reduction per week would make a lot of difference...but I never thought a reduction of 50 would make me feel like this. I think I may try this.


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