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Just thought I'd update and give some positive feedback for once.... Having been fobbed off by doctors for over a year regarding my thyroid, having tested positive for antibodies (and therefore Hashimoto's) I decided to take matters into my own hands and purchased some NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid) myself - Nature-Throid - and have been taking it for a month or so, slowly increasing the dose.... I was taking Nutri-thyroid for a few months before then, and had already started to feel better.. So I figured something was happening that was good..

It's taken a few weeks, and have upped my dose so now currently on 1.5 grains, but feeling I can increase as feel so good.. Energy has come back ten fold, and have lost the horrible weight I was carrying, can feel my body composition has altered (have started to gain muscle again) and just feel generally good, happier and like I have my life back... It's incredible. My hair is also coming back, lots of new growth and a general shine and sheen that has not been there for a long time...

Have no idea what my numbers are, but intend to have some more tests done in a few months, either privately or with my doc and expect my TSH to be very low or even suppressed and my Free's to be substantially higher than they were..

I have honestly not felt this good in about 10 years and wake up every morning raring to go.. I previously reported energy levels so bad I had to go back to bed some days at lunch time.. Exercising feels completely different, whereas before I'd feel lethargic and like stopping, now I want to push myself to limits and feel my body responding in a very different way

I will monitor myself and get medical advice where i can and of course if I feel bad, will drop dose down but thinking at this rate I can go up maybe to 2 grains...

I have had so much support from this group and the internet communities, wish doctors would just listen to us and treat by symptoms not the numbers...

grateful to all those that have advised me over the last year..

Abby x

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Welcome to the "club". Makes you sick when you think that NHS ignoramus gps would happily leave you ill, living a half-life.

If you choose to trust them, you have no life - if you have courage and take control, you can get well again. I just wish i had started ndt sooner. Hope you keep going from strength to strength.


Thank you... I can't believe how 'well' I feel compared to the last few years.. Just buzzing with energy and feeling 'me' again... will continue to report as I carry on taking the NDT.. of course I'm also eating well and taking other supplements but the change is quite significant.. ;-)

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Please can you let me know where you are purchasing your NDT from,as I may be going this route very soon. Many thanks x


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