Increasing dose on NDT

Hi, I'd be grateful for some advice, please.

I began taking Thyroid-S 4 weeks ago, beginning with 0.5 grain a day raised to 1.5 grains a day after 3 weeks.

I read that I should stay on this dose for 3 weeks but after 1 week I feel I need more now (midday extreme fatigue) I have had no side effects or hyper symptoms.

Would it be a bad plan to raise to 2 grains now rather than waiting another 2 weeks?

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  • What dose of levothyroxine were you taking? If you were on levo previously, the normal way to switch over is a dose of NDT to the equivalent to levo, i.e. half a grain equals about 50mcg levo and 1 grain approx 100mcg levo. Excerpt - doesn't state Thyroid-S but others of equivalence:

    You can raise your dose after 2 weeks on a particular dose.

  • Hi Shaws, I was on 50mcg of Levo and after 7 weeks on that dose my bloods were:

    TSH 1.07 (0.27-4.20)

    Free T4 15.1 (11.0 - 25.0)

    I switched to Thyroid-S because after 3.5 months on Levo my hypo symptoms had mainly got worse. I didn't want an increase as I had felt worse after going on the medication at the beginning and then worse again on the raise from 25 to 50 mcg.

    Ok thanks for the 2 week info, I'll wait another week

  • You are probably like me, felt worse on levo so hopefully you'll feel much better when you get to an optimum dose. I, myself, tried about 5 NDTs, which was a great improvement, before I found one that I liked best. Hopefully once you get to a dose which helps you you wont need to try others.

  • Yes I have high hopes as I am finding some improvements already!

    I'm guessing I didn't convert to T3 well but have never had it tested. I will test privately once I feel I am on right dose.

  • :)

  • Bobsmydog, 1.5 grains is bioactively equivalent to 112.5-150mcg Levothyroxine.

    Usual advice is to increase in half grain increments every 2 weeks until symptoms resolve or on 2 grains which should be held for 4 weeks and then have a thyroid blood test before increasing further.

    If you increase too quickly you risk overshooting and feeling overmedicated when the Thyroid-S metabolises. Have a look at this link which advises on dose adjustments

  • Ok thanks, Clutter, I will wait another week and then raise to 2

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