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Can I take NDT with hashi

Antibodies are high. Doc changed my levo to ndt (on my request) and I feel so bad. Thyroid sore and swollen, very weak, depressed, no energy. Was on 150 mcg levo, now taking 2 grains thyroid s split in two doses. Should I go back to levo or push through this. Been on thyroid s now for 3 weeks. Started with 1 grain but couldn't get out of bed, felt so drained. Upped gradually to 2 grains. still feeling weak and tired. No energy. Please someone advise.

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If you've gone from one grain to two in three weeks, you're not increasing as gradually as all that. Usually, one increases by a maximum of half a grain every two weeks - or even a quarter - which would take you at least four weeks.

Maybe you should get tested, it could be that your dose is still too low. Two grains isn't a huge dose. But, then again, you haven't really given it enough time to know.

Having said that, NDT does not agree with everyone - especially if you have Hashi's. Do you know if you have Hashi's? If not, maybe get your antibodies tested.

You should also get your nutrients tested : vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin. If these aren't all optimal, you won't do well on NDT.


Thank you so much for responding. Antibodies were tested and are high according to doc 1300 iron was low. Ferroton was within normal range. Grey goose i read somewhere here that with an autoimmune problem the immune system will just see ndt as the same toxin as your own thyroid and make antibodies to destroy it. Do you think that offs do? If I have another antibody test and the reading has gone up further, it would confirm that immune system is seeing ndt as a problem? My doc says he's not sure? I was so hoping ndt would make things better so I've persevered with it. But I'm feeling horrible. Thank you again for taking the time to reply. K


Being in the 'normal' range, is not the same as 'optimal'. Do you have the exact number for the ferritin result? You also need the others tested.

It's true that taking NDT will make some Hashi's people feel worse. But a lot of Hashi's people take NDT and feel much better. I'm not sure that testing the antibodies would give you an answer to that question, because antibodies fluctuate all the time, and just because they're higher than your first test, doesn't automatically mean the Hashi's is worse. Same goes if they're lower, doesn't mean you're in remission, probably just means you caught them on their day off.

You said you've been taking NDT for 3 weeks? That's not what I call 'persevering'. It's too short a time to come to any definitive conclusions. Maybe if you tried a different brand? Different brands suit different people.


:) felt like 'persevering' to me lol..Been feeling so terrible. Doc has given me iron supplement to take. Amongst other things, omega 3's, selenium, digestive enzymes, multivitamin. But still feeling very weak and absolutely no energy. Do you think I should give it a bit longer? unfortunately we can only get thyroid s in South Africa. Do you know what the max dose of ndt is that people take? Also would you increase by 1/4 and check how you feel, then increase by another 1/4 if still not feeling well? How do you know if dose is to high...oh by blood test?


There is no maximum dose. You need what you need, and some people need more than others. I would say, just keep increasing slowly, until you feel better. But, if you go too fast, you will over-shoot your sweet spot, and have to start all over again.

There is no point in taking a multivitamin, you won't get much out of it, for various reasons. It's far better to get tested for the basics, and take what you really need, in the right quantities.

Iron is better absorbed if you take 1000 mcg of vit C with it - but nothing else. Iron needs to be taken alone (apart from the vit C). Which is one of the reasons that most multivitamins are of little use.


It took me a while to feel right when I first switched. I too felt exhausted for a few weeks but several months in now and I'm definitely better on NDT than Levo. Much less brain fog and not as tired if I keep my diet on track. I have Hashimotos too so will be interesting to see if my antibodies have gone up or down!

I too am on Thyroid S. Some people don't get on with it so see how you go. I couldn't tolerate Erfa. There's a second process Thyroid S and Erfa need to break down. Are you taking it away from food? See how you go then try another brand if no better.

Maybe T4, T3 treatment if NDT doesn't suit you?

I'll report back on my antibodies when I get my results in a weeks time.


Thanks Katepots. I look forward to hearing the outcome of your antibody results. Can you remember how long it took for the exhaustion and fogginess you had to go away.


A good six weeks I think until I got my levels right. I'm on 120 mg

I remember feeling really depressed as thought I'd feel betterstraifht away!

Interesting about the antibodies though as that's news to me.

There's always something...

What does it take to just be better??!!


Hi katepots :)

I agree...why can't it just be easy :0 can I ask you whether you split your dose up, or do you take it all at once?


I personally take mine all at once first thing in the morning and on the days where I feel I need a boost if I'm exhausted by 4oclock I take an extra 60mg.

I know a lot of people split their doses and this can work out better but I kept forgetting to take my second one. Haha


I take one tablet in the morning and I put the other next to my bed so I remember to take it when I go to sleep. Otherwise I would forget :) Did you get headaches or tummyaches at all when you switched to thyroid s. When I first started taking it I had diarrhea for the first few days. Now I've been having really sore tummy ache at night. Don't know if it's the thyroid s that's causing it, or all the supplements I've been taking!!!


Yes headaches.

Tummy could be supplements. Are you taking iron? I know this can upset the stomach at first.

It's never straightforward!😩


Doctor changed you to NDT? Where is this doctor?

I've read from some docs saying you shouldn't take NDT because NDT has the TPO that is destroying your thyroid and adding more will inflame the attack. Saying that people have been using it and it works well for them. Like with everything it's down the individulas body and how well it can handle it.


Hi hypo 101 That is exactly the question I posed to my doctor. And he said he didn't know about that. Which is what prompted my question to everyone here. It makes sense to made. But yet it seems that so many people with hashis do take ndt? I find it all very confusing.


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