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Has anyone tried nature-throid and found it didn't work?

Been taking nature throid for about 3 months and don't feel it's working.

I took levothyroxine, t3 and armour before.

I have 2 1/2 grain tablets and take one and half a day, so 3 and 3/4 grain. I don't want to get stronger dose as think would be too much?? What is an average dose for NDT?I took 125 Levo with 30mcg t3 previously, some days only 20mcg as could really feel the t3 in my system. Felt ill with it at times. Perhaps due to low iron which I didn't know about then. Iron tablets don't work, has anyone had iron injections? Did it help? So confused as to what to do. Have recently tried apple cider vinegar. I seem to have about two good days out if seven which isn't good enough :( any advice please! X

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It is difficult to raise iron levels but perhaps someone can say what has worked for them. A relative of mine had the each day for 3 weeks which finally supplied the store of iron for several years. I wonder if the low levels are due to low acid digestion. You need to take orange juice or something along with iron supplement to help with absorption. This article talks about the three iron tests.

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Hi The best iron tablets are ferrous Fumerate, script. All iron needs to be taken with a little dissolved vit C for absorption. When tested for iron essential to have the test that includes transference % which is absorption. If low you need extra iron. it is available nHS, there are 2, so often gP does the cheaper one!

Regarding the thyroid test, any change in meds needs tests for tSH, T4 and Free T3 to check the levels, then alteration if needed. t4 should be in top third of range but FT3 near the top, never over. I would not alter med again until the tests are done, on line if Gp cannot.Thyroid meds are strong, they also take quite a while of treatment before a noticeable improvement, this does not mean you are having the wrong dose.

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I've been on Nature-Throid (self-medicating as a last resort) since the new year. I'm up to 3 grains and tend to split the dose throughout the day, one grain at a time – trying to take a kind of "circadian" dose first thing in the morning before waking up properly. (Not as scientific as Paul Robinson's T3 method – more like "wake to go to the loo, take NDT, then have a snooze until getting-up time", then another mid-morning and another at about 3pm to combat the mid-afternoon "slump". I have good days and bad days – my adrenals were an issue (due for re-testing this month) and they still flare up when I'm under stress. I've probably erred on the side of raising slightly too quickly, but (fingers crossed) have not suffered any ill-effects. Things that I've noticed – my head feels less foggy and I have slightly more energy. I've lost a small amount of weight but need to work on improving my diet. I'm sleeping slightly better – fewer daytime naps, and I now tend to drop off by 1am at the latest – not ideal, but better than before when I was often up until 4am. Also, my monthly cycle seems to have improved – I'd often go several months without a period (I just blamed perimenopause but suspected oestrogen dominance) but I've been regular these past couple of months. Hope that's helpful. x

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Where can I get T3 from in the UK please?


Naturethroid. I have taken Naturethroid and it suited me. I took my dose once a day in the morning. Maybe dividing the dose doesn't give enough T3 to saturate your cells but I am not medically qualified. Dr Lowe's patients only had one dose of meds per day as he found it worked better.

Before the blood tests came in patients were dosed according to their clinical symptoms and NDT was gradually raised until they felt better and clinical symptoms diminished. These are some excerpts re NDT (Armour in this case but it applies to all NDT's).

Go to the question dated November 21, 2003 to read the whole question/answer.


Impatience is understandable since you’ve suffered from hypothyroid symptoms for years. But a little more patience is necessary to find your optimal dose. Armour contains both T4 and T3. The benefits you’ll eventually get from the product will be a combined effect of the T4 and T3. If you increase your dose of Armour, and the increased dose contains enough T3 to benefit you, you’re likely to see the benefit within a few days to a week. But you may not benefit from the T4 for one to four weeks. To see how you benefit from both the T3 and T4 in the Armour, you must wait out the lag time of up to four weeks. Hopefully you’ll wait patiently; otherwise, you’re likely compound the frustration you must already feel.

If a new dose of Armour contains too little T4 and T3 to benefit you, you’ll have to go through another evaluation period. And you’ll have to do this again and again until you find what I call your "therapeutic window"—a small dosage range that optimally benefits you without overstimulating you. That optimal dosage range is highly individual, but historically, the typical patient’s therapeutic window has been somewhere between 120 to 240 mg (2 to 4 grains).

There’s no way to accurately predict what your therapeutic window is. Until you find it, you may not improve much from the Armour. But once you do, you’re likely to feel that the wait was well worth it.


Thanks guys for the advice :) it's just so frustrating as I self Medicate and havnt had blood test since being on nature throid. I was on armour before and felt it was stronger, dont know if anyone else felt this? It was more expensive than nature throid. also, becaue i buy online I worry that I don't know what it may be??

The highest my t4 went up to was 16 on 30mcg t3 and 100 t4 (9-24) and still felt under treated with tsh being 0.01 (0.34-4.8) never had t3 checked! I do get good days but is it normal still to accept about 3-4 bad days in week? Where I feel I can't move because by body aches and feels like it weighs a tonne? It is ferrous fumarate I have been taking and take about 1000mg of vit c, vit d, multi vits and vit b12. They said I wasn't anaemic even though ferritin is below range but because of my symptoms they will treat it. I guess this is because my haemaglobumin is ok?? I think you need to have low ferritin and haemaglobin to be considered anaemic? I know gp would never give injections so I would buy if I knew where.

Maybe an increase in 1/4 grain could make all the difference.i will try taking just one dose tomorrow, thank you.


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