A/E again

ended up in A/E last night i really did feel suffocated andd extremmely thirsty, got there at just gone 7 taken into resus hooked up to ecg, pulse ranging 70-95, crap loads of bloods done, they checked my gluose levels straight away as was concerned but came back good, needed a wee and nurse said she would get me commode.....no way i walked to the loo, 10.45 dr came bloods all good ecg good but very concerned about my thyroid and said i will feel like this until my thyroid is sorted, said i needed to see a specialist, i explained about not being able to increase means theres an underlying condition eg b12, vit d folate ferritin adrenals ect, she said 'i know'....what a wasted job she should be an endo, blood pressue all over the place

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  • I'm sorry you are having such an awful time with this :(

    Are you supplementing with iron, B12, folate, other B vitamins, vitamin D etc?

    Sometimes not being able to increase your dose could be because of a lack of selenium as this is needed for good conversion of t4 to t3. Some people feel the selenium helps with the antibody levels too.

    I hope you manage to get this sorted soon.

    Take care

    Carolyn x

  • i take multi vits, b 12 vit d and k2, b complex, q 10 and iron, i keep forgetting selenium but do have some

    getting saliva test next week hopefully

  • That's a good idea. It does sound like you either have an adrenal issue or low iron.

    This must be so frustrating and exhausting for you :(

  • it feels like im slowly dying

  • :(

    I felt much like that a few years ago. I'm doing pretty well now though. I really hope you find the solution soon so you can get your life back too.

    Remember we are here to support you xxx

  • thank you

  • went to dr and he is at a loss as to why im so bad and has mage an urgent referral to see an endo at our local hospital, i know they are rubbish but i have to stick local for now

    allso given me duloxetine

    couldnt give beta blockers as i get shortness of breath

    ive only managed 1 grain today

    just wondering if i have a bad bottle

    cant remember when i opened them

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